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A little about books

Hi everyone!
I haven't really recommended any horror books which is a shame. I have always loved to read, but unfortunately I haven't had much time for it lately. A few weeks ago I bought a book by one og my favorite authors H.P Lovecraft and I am reading it now and loving it. So I really recommend any book by him. When I was younger I used to read everything by Stephen King, Pet Sematary was amongst my favorites of his, but I also adored his short horror stories, so clever and unique. 
I will dig deeper into particular books by my favorite authors and write about them later. What are your favorite books and authors? 


Hi everyone!♥

''Oculus actually stands out amongst  the newer horrormovies''

OculusA woman tries to exonerate her brother, who was convicted of murder, by proving that the crime was committed by a supernatural phenomenon.
Oculus actually stands out amongst the newer horrormovies. It has a story that works and it slowly builds up a scary atmospehere around the mirror. The hardest technical thing with this movie is the editing and that the story jumps from then to now and they did it in a very good and clever way, so you really have to pay attention, otherwise it will get too confusing. I really liked the ending, but unfortunately I was left with some unanswered questions that should have been answered, but I will not spoil them here and I also thought that the film lost some of it scary atmospehere when certain things seemed to appear to often, but it is worth a watch. 

Must have of the day: Re-animator Steelbook bluray

Hi everyone!♥

Re-Animator Steelbok Bluray, got to have!

Just came across this edition of Re-Animator Steelbook bluray and it looks awesome. I just ordered From Beyond and when I will have some money I will order this, unfortunately it is expensive, but worth it. 

Help my crowdfunding: Love Me

Hi everyone!♥


I have only raised 2 dollars for my indiehorror ''Love Me'' and I would like you to help me get to my goal. All you need is to donate one dollar and if you can not donate, you can share this with others. I really want to reach my goal and create this film, but I can not do it without any money and two dollars will not be enough. You will get rewards for certain donations, so please help me, there is not much time and we need more horrorfilms in Sweden and I can not do it without your help.
Here is the link for the campaign.
If you donate a certain amount of money, this handmade and unique poster will be yours. 


Hi everyone!♥

''The story kept me interested and took some unexpected turns''

Malavita: The Manzoni family, a notorious mafia clan, is relocated to Normandy, France under the witness protection program, where fitting in soon becomes challenging as their old habits die hard
The story kept me interested and took some unexpected turns that worked out really well and it fitted great with the dark humour that this movie provided.I did like that this movie was funny sometimes and not serious all the way through, because it would not have worked, it could have been ever more dark humour to really make the film stand out, but the performances of the maincast was really good.

X-men everywhere

Hi everyone! 
Yesterday I saw Maleficent in the cinema. There are so many movies that will be coming out this year that I have to see in the cinema, this weekend I will see a million ways to die in the west. 
I think that the X-men poster's are really cool.

Top 5 list: X-men

Hi everyone!♥

My top 5 list of x-men movies

1. X-men 2
2. X-men: Days of future past
3. X-men
4. X-men: First class
5. X-men origins: Wolverine


Hi everyone!♥

''The acting was pretty solid, but the story bored me''

Pompeii: A slave-turned-gladiator finds himself in a race against time to save his true love, who has been betrothed to a corrupt Roman Senator. As Mount Vesuvius erupts, he must fight to save his beloved as Pompeii crumbles around him.
It feels like this story has been made a thousand times and this one was pretty thin and a bit predictable. I was just waiting for the volcano to errupt, but it came very late. The acting was pretty solid, but the story bored me a bit since it did not bring anything new to table. You can take a story that has been made over and over again, but if you add your own take on it, it can still be pretty interesting, but this was not. 

Two new orders

Hi everyone!♥

I have ordered From Beyond and Stitches, both on bluray.


The Haunted world of El Superbeasto

Hi everyone!♥

''There is plenty of gore and funny moments''

The Haunted world of El Superbeasto: Based upon the comic from Rob Zombie, The Haunted World of El Superbeasto is Rob's new film in animation, following the adventures of El Super Beasto and his sexy sultry sidekick and sister, Suzi-X.
I first came across this film when I was watching a clip on youtube on films by Rob Zombie and I thought I had seen all of them, but this one had slipped my radar completely, so I had to watch it. There is plenty of gore and funny moments. The movie is not too dark and it could have had even more evil characters in it, but I understand that it might have led away from the main story. I enjoyed it and laughed several times throught the film. 

Another lovely day

Hi everyone!


I have been out in the sun all day, eating watermelon and just enjoying the weather. I have bought some drinks for later, because I am going to a party to meet the old gang from high school!!! Yep we used to have crazy parties and tonight might be another one and my sis is going to be there too, going to be awesome. I will put up a review later today before I leave for the party. 

Time to put on my bikini!

Hi everyone!
Today's weather has been so great. I have been in the sun all day, eveb though I have a lot to write. My goal is to finish 30 pages today another 30 by sunday evening and the rest by tuesday. 

X-men: Days of future past

Hi everyone!♥

''It started out really great and got right to the point''

X-men: Days of future past: The X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants.
I was really looking forward to this and I was not dissappointed. It started out really great and got right to the point and I was so glad to see the characters again. I think that the story was great and they handled it really well. Some scenes were shot beautifully and my favorite involves Quicksilver and some bullets, that scene was perfect. I think that I liked this movie even more than First Class, but my favorite X-men movie is still X-men 2. It was slowing down a bit towards the end, but I still enjoyed it. The story was easy to follow and did not stray from the path it was taking. 


Hi everyone!♥

''Today I feel better, even though the coughing is still there''

I have been sick since monday, but I still managed to go to work somehow, coughing all the time and blowing my nose all the time. Today I feel better, even though the coughing is still there, but atleast I can breathe normally. I have just come home from watching the new X-men movie in the cinema (a review will be up in the morning). Now I will be working on one of my old screenplays, because there is a horrorcontest, where you can send in your horrorscreenplay and actually have it made if you win, so naturally I have to enter. I have three fully written screenplays that I will narrow down to one and then I will have to rework it and improve it a lot, but that is what I love to do and there is a deadline ofcourse so I have to be quick and firm, maybe even kill some of my darlings, it is tough, but sometimes you just have to do it like they used to say at filmschool. 

Ask me anything about movies

Hi everyone!♥

Ask me any question about movies and I will answer them in a vlog.


My sunday

Hi everyone!♥


My sunday was great because I celebrated me and my boyfriend's one year anniversary. We first met at around 4 PM in Jakobsberg to eat great food at Korfu, a Greek restaurant and I ate lots of meats and calamari with great sauces, but unfortunately I as so full that I could only eat half the food. It was really nice having dinner with my boyfriend. We then bought tickets for Godzilla, but the movie would not start until one and a half hour later so we went to my boyfriend's and we cuddled and had a great time. Then we saw Godzilla in a small but cozy cinema and later we took a walk and I bought The Master on bluray,so the day was awesome. We finished the day by watching Bellator and KSW. Can't wait until next time. 

Attack of the killer tomatoes

Hi everyone!♥

''The plot actually sounded a lot more fun and crazy than it was.''

Attack of the killer tomatoesA group of scientists band together to save the world from mutated tomatoes that KILL!
I saw the sequel before I saw this one, but this was even worse. Sure it is funny when the tomatoes are making noise and laughing, but apart from that, there was not much going on that was entertaining. The story was weak and some scenes just seemed randomly put together without any meaning at all. I wanted to like this movie and I thought that I would laugh more, but I got more and more bored as the movie continued. The plot actually sounded a lot more fun and crazy than it was.

The Master bluray edition

Hi everyone!♥

I bought The Master on bluray yesterday at Hemmakväll.



Hi everyone!♥

''it could have been longer with more fighting and with more Gojira!''

Godzilla: The world's most famous monster is pitted against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity's scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.

Well I thought that the fights were a bit short and I wanted to see more of Godzilla. Some of the editing was strange and out of place, but the cinematography with the sound was great and buildt up a great and intense atmosphere that they kept throughout the film. The look of Godzilla was nice and the look of the other things aswell.This was a really cool movie to watch in the cinema, but I also thought that it was a bit short, it could have been longer with more fighting and with more Gojira!


Shootchallenge 15 at Nexus

Hi everyone!♥

I was busy the whole day yesterday because my club, Nexus held a MMA-event for amatuers and it began at 1 PM and ended at 6 PM and after that we grilled and drank.

Lovisa and I were taking time and ringing the bell when every fight ended (very important job). 
So nice that Chris came by!
Manuel doing work for a quick finish.
Daniel from our club got some nice, hard punches at the beginning.

Daniel going for a footlock.
Edris got the back a lot and was very dominant in this position.
Edris between rounds. 
Arman in a war with Adam.
After all the fights ended we were all gathered for a talk.
Yeah, Party!
Beer and food, awesome.

Cannibal Holocuast bluray cover

Hi everyone!♥

The cover for the new bluray version of Cannibal Holocaust looks really awesome.


Back in training

Hi everyone!♥

Training is going great

It has now been one week since began training again after I took some time off to rehab my left knee. On friday I began with boxing and it felt good. On monday it was MMA and sparring for 1 hour and 20 minutes. On tuesday it was Muay Thai and I was so tired, because I worked really hard, but it felt great an today was another Muay Thai training and it was a tough one too. I have to work a lot on my conditioning, but my body is beginning to go bck to how it was before I took my break and that feels awesome, because it will make weight-cutting so much easier when I will not have so many pounds to cut. I am aiming to cut around 5-7 pounds at first for my amateur-MMA fights and then maybe 10 pounds when I will have my profights.
The bruises have come back and my legs look so beautiful and I forgot about all the clothes I have to wash every day, but it is worth it. This fall I will apply for every Amateur-MMA contest and I will get some fight at 115pounds, I HAVE TOO!!! So this fall is 120% training and no excuses, I might say that I am tired and I probably will, but I will not give up. 

The Immigrant 2013

Hi everyone!♥

''The cinematography in this movie is beautiful and fits the movie perfectly''

The Immigrant: On the mean streets of Manhattan, Ewa falls prey to Bruno, a charming but wicked man who takes her in and forces her into prostitution.
I had actually no idea what this movie was about, apart from the title, so I did not know how sad it would be. It was really cool to hear Marion Cotillard speak polish and she did it pretty good too. The cinematography in this movie is beautiful and fits the movie perfectly, it enhances the time period that it is supposed to be. The story was good and sad. Marion Cotillard was great. It was a bit slow at times, but this definitely deservers a strong three out of five, maybe I will give it a four if I will watch it again. 

Jack Frost 1997

Hi everyone!♥

''Some kills were creative and the first movie is certainly better than the second''

Jack Frost 1997: A serial killer dies, comes back as an evil snowman, and wreacks havoc in a small town.
I actually saw Jack Frost 2 before Jack Frost and I found the second one funny and was hoping that the first one would be funny aswell. It was funny and had it's good moments, I liked the way that the evil snowman looked and talked and the idea is good. Some kills were creative and the first movie is certainly better than the second one. Jack Frost has some good one-liners and he is pretty funny, but at the same time scary because of his different facial expressions. 

Nights awake

Head is hurting, it's hard to breathe
Everything you say, stays with me
Thoughts are spinning, why won't they leave?
Trying to sleep and get these tears away from me
Be strong, it will be alright
But what will save me from these lonely nights?

A haunted house

Hi everybody!♥

''Ten minutes went by without a single smile from me''

A haunted house: Malcolm and Kisha move into their dream home, but soon learn a demon also resides there. When Kisha becomes possessed, Malcolm - determined to keep his sex life on track - turns to a priest, a psychic, and a team of ghost-busters for help.
Most parodies are bad, but I do like Scary Movie, so I wanted to give this movie a chance. Ten minutes went by without a single smile from me, so I got a really bad feeling about this movie, but then I found some things funny, but most of the scenes and lines were not funny at all. The scene with the poop was pretty funny and the possession was also good. Even though I did not enjoy this that much I am still looking forward to the sequel. 

Basketcase trilogy

Hi everyone!
 I got the basketcase trilogy on dvd yesterday. What's in the basket?? Going to re-watch these soon!!!!

The Sacrament

Hi everyone!

''Ti West's House of the Devil is such a great film''

The SacramentA fashion photographer is traveling to meet his sister at Eden Parish. Once there, his friends begin to film interviews with the Eden Parish inhabitants, all of whom speak of the commune in glowing terms. However, they soon discover that there is a sinister edge to the commune that belies the seemingly peaceful setting.
Ti West's House of the Devil is such a great film and I was looking forward to see more from him and yesterday I saw The Sacrament. It is shot like a documetary with hand held cameras, but the story was still interesting and the documentary style fitted the film. The movie was a bit predictable, but yet I wanted to keep watching it, because the acting was good and the characters were interesting. This was not as good as House of the Devil, but I still enjoyed it. 

Game of thrones

Hi everyone!
I am sitting in the tub watching the latest episode of Game of thrones. 


Hi everyone!♥

''This movie does not have any dialogue, but it is not silent''

Moebius: A housewive gets really tired of her husband's love affair and their son can only stand and watch while his parents are arguing. One night the housewive gets so mad that she gets a knife and now she is planning her twisted revenge. 
Finally saw Moebius yesterday and the first ten minutes of the film are really messed up in a good way and I was thinking, how are they going to top this? This movie does not have any dialogue, but it is not silent, but there is hardly any music either, but I think that it suits the movie perfectly. Because there was no dialogue, the characters had to emote there feelings through facial expressions and they did a really good job. It is pretty violent and does contain a decent amount of blood.

Sunday evening

Hi everyone!♥
I came home today after spending the weekend with my boyfriend, we went to the cinema and saw Bad Neighbors and then we watched UFC, really good fights! 
After coming home today I have watched a few episodes of Ink Master season 4 and two movies, The Sacrament and Moebius, man Moebius was one fucked up movie!! But fucked up in a good way. Now I will continue watching Ink Master and hope that my stomach will stop hurting. 

Sarahs top 5: Slasher

Hi everyone!♥

Here is my top 5 list of my favorite slasherfilms. 

5. A nightmare on Elm Street - Nightmares become reality when you are dreaming about Freddy. The concept works well when we follow teenagers doing everything they can to avoid going to sleep.
4. Psycho - The story is amazing and filmed well. The editing of this movie was clever and the shower scene is still one of the best scenes ever made in a slasher film.
3. Hatchet - Yes even newer slashers can work perfect and they added a lot of gore in this one and the story of Victor Crowley is really good.
2. Friday the 13th 1980 - The environment is perfect in this movie and the summercamp feeling adds a lot of mood. A slasher that still stands out and Jason is born.
1. Halloween 1978 - This is a masterpiece of how to use music, acting, angels and lighting to create one of the sscariest horrormovies of all time, without relaying on blood. 

drunk talk about horrormovies

Hi everyone!
Yesterday I met my friend Sofia after my boxingtraining. We went to a bar in Upplands Väsby where she lives. She bought drinks for us and we started out by getting a Pink panther and a Whiskey Sour. They tasted great and then we drank cider and ate some snacks, lite fries, chicken, mozarella sticks and other delicious things. 
We talked for hours about horrormovies and I love talking to her about horror, because she gets it, she really gets it. We talked mostly about movies we want to see this year and we agreed that Human Centipede 3 is the one we look forward to the most. We also decided that we are going to get really drunk when we see that movie because the experience will be fucked up! 
Which horrormovies do you look forward to the most this year?
Other films we talked about was Eli Roth's The Green Inferno, Zombeavers, Amongst The Living, REC 4 and occulus, but many more will come up and this year is going to be great for horror.

Lesson of the Evil

Hi everybody!♥

''I must admit that the last 40 minutes of this movie was really great''

Lesson of the Evil: Tetsuro is a teacher that really does not like that his students are cheating and bullying others at school, so he comes up with his own method to set the kids straight, but the method is not what you might expect.
It was so good to finally see another Takashi Miike movie, with my favorite being Ichi the killer. This movie was different from what I had expected, but different in a good way. I must admit that the last 40 minutes of this movie was really great, the violence and the music were perfect together and I liked how everything went overboard into crazyland. I liked the pace of the movie, that it started out kind of slow and then turned completely around, but I got lost sometimes, but that did not bother me too much. 

Thursday, not much better than tuesday

Hi everyone!♥

''Just want to thank everyone who has said kind words to me today''

These last few days have been tough and filled with dissappointment, anger and sadness. Today I cried so much that my head really hurts right now, I haven't cried this much for years and right now my body is shaking (it always does after I cry) Just want to thank everyone who has said kind words to me today and whohave tried to cheer me up this evening. This day was much harder than tuseday and I am just angry and sad, I am so angry that I could break someone's face and I am so sad that I do not want to do anything, but I think I will try to make an omelette or something to eat. I was planning to watch the entire season 3 of Sopranos today, but fuck that, that show is not even that good anyway.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Hi everyone!♥

First of all it was really cool that Georges St. Pierre was in the movie

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world and battles a new threat from old history: the Soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier.
I did not like the first Captain America movie, but I did find this one slightly better. First of all it was really cool that Georges St. Pierre was in the movie, doing some fighting. Captain America was more interesting in this one, but the story was very predictable. The other cool thing is that Cobie Smulders who plays Robin in How I Met your mother plays a role in these movie, aways glad to see her. I have no problem with the length of the film, it did not even feel that long because something happened all the time, but some things just did not make sense. Some fightingscenes were really cool so that definitely helped the movie. 

Excited for Godzilla

Hi everyone!
I am really excited or Godzilla, me and my boyfriend will celebrate our 1 year anniversary by going to the cinema, watching Godzilla. GOJIRA!!!!!!
Me and Godzilla, raaaaauwwwwrrrrr

Mean girls

Hi everyone!♥

 ''I liked all the jokes and the characters were presented really well''

Mean Girls: Cady has moved from Africa, where she was homeschooled and now she is starting high school. She meets new friends and together they form a plan to tear down the popular group of girls in school, called The Plastics, but the more time Cady spends with the Plastics, she seems to become one of them...
The tenth anniversery for Mean Girls was a week ago and I re-watched the movie with some friends while drinking and we had a blast. I have always been surprised of the fact that I have always liked Mean Girls. I find it very funny, I like how it is told and Lindsay Lohan was perfect as Cady. I liked all the jokes and the characters were presented really well. I also like how they edited the movie, because it seems like there is noting unnecessary in it and every second in the movie matters.

The other woman

Hi everyone!♥

''The story was not unexpected and kind of played out like I thought it would''

Carly (Cameron Diaz) is dating Mark, a guy she really likes, until she finds out that he has a wife. She meets the wife and they become friends and together plan a revenge for Mark. 
This movie was funnier than I expected and Leslie Mann is really funny, she always makes me laugh in every comedyfilm that she is in. The story was not unexpected and kind of played out like I thought it would, but it was funny anyway. It was a movie that I saw at the right moment, I needed something light and funny to cheer me up a bit and that is exactly what I got, I even liked Niki Minaj in the movie. 

I don't know

Hi everyone!
Yesterday I was so happy and today I am so sad. I feels like I have a knot in my stomach and I do not feel like doing anything. Been crying some (yes I am finally ready to admit that I cry sometimes) and I am just trying not to think too much, but that does not work since I am feeling so down and my heart is hurting (yep feels like that). Can not breathe sometimes, but right now I am laying on my bed trying to decide if I want to go to the cinema or not, I do not even feel like going to the cinema and when I feel like that then something is wrong.  
It is so strange that I can write about my feelings so freely, but uttering them in words are so hard, maybe because I sometimes feel stupied that I am feeling something and it sounds even more stupied when I try to speak about it. Trying to fix everything, but it always seems to go wrong, something messes everything up, but first I must calm down and start to breathe normally before I fucking pass out.

it's a wrap

Hi everyone! 
Everything went great. We filmed three different times today and had a one hour long wait between each time. We did some retakes, but everything went smoothly so hopefully you will get to see more than 1 second of me on the movie when it has it's premiere in december. 

on the set

Hi everyone!
I am on the set as an extra right now. I was afraid that something would go wrong and that I would not bw filming this scene, but now I am here. I woke up early, leaving my sleeping boyfriend and kissed him goodbye, but I will see him soo . I did not really know exactly where I was going but I met a nice woman on the way and she is going to be an extra as well so we walked to the location together.
Right now I am drinking some tea and eating cookies, talking to people and waiting for everyone to get ready. I think this scene will be filmed quickly and I am really looking forward to it. I will keep you updated on how everything went afterwards, but it feels good right now, maybe I will think more about acting in the future. 


Hi everyone!♥

New adventures outside!

It is getting warm in Sweden and I have been outside a lot more than before. Usually i have stayed indoors mostly even in the summer, just because I would rather watch movies or something like that, but this year I have decided and I have already begun to be more outside. I want to get as much sun as possible and to go on adventures outside, go on long walks, lay out in the sun, be out in the grass and have a few drinks and ofcourse go bathing (which I never do). I have bought a new camera so I will be taking pictures of my adventures outside and share them on my blog. I know that I mostly write about movies, but this is also a blog about my life so I hope that you will like to see my adventures. Do not worry I still have plenty of movies to review and write about! Here are some new pictures I took with my camera and yes I have red hair now.

Filming my scene tomorrow

Hi everyone!♥
I am going to be an extra in a Swedish movie that will be shown in the cinemas later this year, can you guess which movie? The shooting of my scene will be tomorrow and I am so excited. Earlier this week I got this cute fella! 


Hi everyone!♥

 ''I am actually glad that they kept the rape so short and focused more on the revenge''

Savaged: Zoe is a deaf girl who is driving many hours to her boyfriend, whom she is planning to move in with. On the way she meets a few rednecks and her nightmare begins, she is raped, beaten and killed. An indian finds her and brings her back by putting an apache warrior's spirit in her body and now she can take her revenge.
When I read what Savaged was about I got the feeling that this could be a different movie in a rape/revenge genre and it was. Even though it works with the basics of this subgenre, it adds a new spin on it and makes it work really well, the new spin I am talking about is having the girl die and then bring her back by having an apache warriors spirit enter her body. I am actually glad that they kept the rape so short and focused more on the revenge and the revenge scenes were great. In one scene the girl has a tug of war with the intestines of her abuser and that worked so well. 
The fact that the girl was deaf added a bit more feeling into her character and I cared about her. One scene made me shed a tear and I could not believe how powerful this film is. If you like indiehorror, you will like this one and I can not wait until I will have it in my collection. 

coming back

Hi everyone!
I am finally getting back to training because I have had a break because of my bad knee. It really needed to rest a bit and hopefully I will be able to train again and compete. I have had time to do other stuff öike reading an actual book, writing short stories, drawing, working etc.. but other changes are waiting around the corner!
Here is something fun for you guys, name the movies based on these pictures!

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