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Thursday, not much better than tuesday

Hi everyone!♥

''Just want to thank everyone who has said kind words to me today''

These last few days have been tough and filled with dissappointment, anger and sadness. Today I cried so much that my head really hurts right now, I haven't cried this much for years and right now my body is shaking (it always does after I cry) Just want to thank everyone who has said kind words to me today and whohave tried to cheer me up this evening. This day was much harder than tuseday and I am just angry and sad, I am so angry that I could break someone's face and I am so sad that I do not want to do anything, but I think I will try to make an omelette or something to eat. I was planning to watch the entire season 3 of Sopranos today, but fuck that, that show is not even that good anyway.

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Postat av: Stamp-E

Sarah, vad har hänt?

Svar: Massa krångel med lägenhet, bråk med mamma, med kärleken osv. Har varit oerhört mkt stress de senaste dagarna.

2014-05-09 @ 08:24:48
Postat av: Stamp-E

tråkigt att höra :( hoppas det löser sig.

Svar: Det hoppas jag också, Tack! :) Kram!

2014-05-09 @ 14:44:22

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