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2014 - My year

Hi everyone!♥

I am going to go through my year, month by month because I thought it would be fun for you to know the major things that happened each month. 

After the last New year's eve the year began normallt with lots of training at Nexus, but the biggest thing that happened to me in January was the training camp for Amateur-MMA. It was held in Stockholm and it was lots of fun. 4-5 sessions of MMA, Yoga, conditioning and strength for 4 days and really great food after each session, I could not ask for anything more, but unfortunately my left knee was injured and I could not get a spot in the team, so I was really sad, but healing my injury was more important. 
In february I started competing in grappling again and had two grapplingmatches at SGL, I won the first one by armbar and the second one was a draw, though I attempted lots of submissions. 
I started working at Luthman's a lot in March, it was okey, but really demanding work physically. 
I got a new camera from my grandma and grandpa and started taking very nice pictures. 
I got to be an extra in the movie ''Sune i fjällen'' which was really fun. 
In may my club Nexus always hosts the event for Shootfighting and Amateur-MMA fighters and this one was a great event and afterwards we grilled and drank beer. 
I was an extra in a commercial for ATG about the horse Vinny directed by Felix Herngren. I also started working with economy which was really hard because I had no experience with economy what so ever, but I lasted there for two months. 
I went to Poland and had a great time there. I dared to ride the rollercoaster twice and lots of other stuff and I drank lots of beer with rasperryjuice in it, it tasted delicious.
I competed at Tjejkampen and had the worst weight-cut of my life and I will never go through anything like that again and ever since then I have changed my diet and lost some weight, so my walking weight is a lot lighter right now, so I can make strawweight easily. 
The ones who know me knows that this was a hard month for me, I was sick after my fight and was really sick for two weeks and when I began training again I got dumped, so september was the worst month this year, a month that I want to forget. Two good thing sthat happened in september, one was that I started writing articles about TUF 20 for and I really enjoyed it.
The second was The Monsters of film festival where I met Isabella and I watched so many great horrorfilms with my friends. I also bought two awesome Freddy Krueger dolls and got new horrormovies to my collection. 
I dressed up twice for Halloween, one as a nurse and the second time as a devil and both parties were great.
I was also training hard for a fight at IRFA 7, but my meniscus in the right knee got a tear so I had to rehab it and missed my fight and it had me really down for a while. 
I turned 25, but still feel like 5 mentally haha! Some friends came over and celebrated my birthday and I got awesome presents. 
Me, Cain and Lovisa went to watch IRFA 7 and it was great, we had great seats and the fights were very entertaining. 
Me and two other from Nexus won gold at SGL (a grappling tournament) and it was one of the best days of my life. I won by guillotine choke after a few mins, going for lots of armbar attempts, but finally got the choke.
After that I went to the sci-fi convention dressed as Poison Ivy and met my wonderful friend Isabella who was dressed as babydoll. 
Our club hosted the Swedish Championship finals for Shootfighting and Amateur-MMA and it was one of the best events that we have hosted, if not the best! The fights were great and the partying after was also great. 
I started working at my parttime job as a Personal Assistent and I really like it and hoping for lots of work in 2015. Thanks Rodrigo for fixing it for me, it means so much!
Monsters of film festival held an evening of horror and showed three horrormovies at the cinema, ABC's of death 2, REC 4 and The Babadook. I and Andres saw the first two.
I will end the year by flying to Poland and spending the New Year's eve with my cousins. 

Don Jon

Hi everyone!♥

''Everyone's performences was good, but in terms of films about love, I prefer 500 days of Summer''

Don Jon: A New Jersey guy dedicated to his family, friends, and church, develops unrealistic expectations from watching porn and works to find happiness and intimacy with his potential true love.
I enjoyed the movie and the characters kept pushing it forward, but I felt that it was a little too short, but I really liked the way it ended. Everyone's performences was good, but in terms of films about love, I prefer 500 days of summer, because this one was filled with humour, which was fine, but it did not really got me as deep as it could. I think that Gordon-Levitt was trying make a point and that is that people can become so full of themself and selfabsorbed that they can not have close relationship with others and they do not know how to interact with other people, they interact better with a screen infront of them. It was a good directing debut from Gordon-Levitt and I am already looking forward to his next film. 

Short term 12

Hi everyone!♥

''My favorite scene was the scene where Jayden is telling her story''

Short term 12: A 20-something supervising staff member of a residential treatment facility navigates the troubled waters of that world alongside her co-worker and longtime boyfriend.
This movie is simple, but filled with emotions and thoughts and it spoke to me and made me think about things in a serious way. My favorite scene was the scene where Jayden is telling her story about the octopus and the shark. I enjoyed the character of Grace and I was invested in her story and what she was going through, helping young kids is a very important matter and this movie shined some light on how hard it can be and that one little word or an action can change someone's life for the better. I urge you all to go watch this movie and you can get your copy of it at njutafilms

People under the stairs Arrow edition

Hi everyone!
My mom ordered many movies for me on christmas, but only I came in time and it was the Arrow edition of People under the stairs and I am very happy!

2014 - What a year

Hi everyone!♥
This has been one of the worst and best year for me. I got dumped by a person that I loved back in september and at first I was crushed and heartbrokend, but then I realised that I got rid of 135 pounds of crap and now I feel so much better. I am much more confident in myself and I have nothing holding me back in my training, nobody that is screaming with anger at me, not giving me concussions on purpose while sparring and not saying mean things to me. 2014 has gone by very quickly, but I have accomplished some of my goals and the best one was winning gold in Submission/Wrestling. Almost nothing beats that rush of adrenaline after winning and ofcourse I am aiming for more goldmedals next year. 
I have gotten to know myself alot better and I am taking better care of my body now. I know how to train and what to eat and I have also tried to better myself mentally, to think differently and not to feel chaos in my mind, to just be at peace with myself. I am still figuring things out, but hey that is what life is about, it is all about the journey and I know that it will be filled with highs and lows, but I know that I will be able to handle anything that will be thrown at me. I have finally a close relationship with my mom and I really do love her and I hope that we will stay this close always. 
I have met so many wonderful people this year and ofcourse the love for Nexus is only growing and growing, that is the best place in the world, filled with the best people. Right now I am happy with my life, I am training MMA, going to the gym, got an awesome part time job, got amazing friends, an amazing mom and family in Poland and Norway. My love life will have to be sorted out next year haha ;) because that part is still a bit chaotic, but that is fine anyway. I will end my year by going to Poland and spending time with my grandma and grandpa and my awesome cousins that I love so much. I will also met friends that I have not seen for a long time in Poland, so I am really excited. The best part of 2014 has definitely been from october to now, because of all the great experiences and new people I have met. I am also greatful for all the people that stick by me year in and year out and for my closest friends, you know who you are. Thanks to everyone that keeps making me smile, you mean so much to me. 


Hi everyone!♥

''The scenes where the whole house, literally, is filled with worms are the best scenes''

Squirm: At the beginning of the film, we learn from one of the characters that earthworms can be called to the surface with electricity, but somehow it turns them into vicious flesh-eaters. Sure enough, a storm that night causes some power lines to break and touch the ground, drawing millions of man-eating worms out of the earth, and into town where they quickly start munching on the locals.
This was better then I had expected it to be, the worms looked great and I was impressed with the effects they used for the gore scenes in Squirm. The scenes where the whole house, literally, is filled with worms are the best scenes and the film never got boring. I wished that they had filled the movie with a few more gorescenes and maybe even a few more characters, but this one i certainly worth a watch if you like ecohorror. 

Best movie of the year 2014:

Hi everyone!♥

Best movie of 2014!

The best film of 2014 was easy to pick for me. What we do in the shadows is a clear winner and if you have not seen it yet, you definitely should! It is also the best vampire movie since Nosferatu, yes it is. 

Krampus, the Christmas evil

Hi everyone!♥

''They have a cool story about Krampus and then they go and shit on it completely''

Krampus, the Christmas evil: Jeremy, a local police officer leads a life of a confusing past, spending his current time searching for his kidnapper as a child. After other children begin missing, Jeremy pieces together the truth and realizes that his childhood kidnapper could be a creature of ancient yuletide lore, Krampus, who is the brother of St. Nick, and punisher of children who perform acts of unspeakable evil without repercussion. Can Jeremy kill Krampus and prevent more missing children?
This is probably one of the worst movies that I have every seen. They have a cool story about Krampus and then they go and shit on it completely with bad storytelling, bad actors, bad effects and bad cinematography. I appreciate films that have no budget and use what they can to make a movie, but sometimes it goes horribly wrong and this is one of those times. 

Deadly eyes

Hi everyone!♥

''The rats were huge and there were some great gorescenes''

Deadly eyes: A city is overrun with oversized rats and now the people has got to find a way to stop them before they destory everything in their path, will they succed?
I was excited to see this movie and it did not let me down. The rats were huge and there were some great gorescenes when the rats ran loose and created chaos. I found this movie cozy and I like these types of movies, the story was not the best, but it was simple enough to work without being complicated, not every horrormovie needs to have a twist to be good. If you like horrormovies where animals prey upon people I recommend you to watch this. 

Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of gore

Hi everyone!♥

''This documentary brings up alot of interesting things and Mr Lewis is certainly a special character to watch. ''

Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of gore: Gory, Gory, Hallelujah! Take an outrageous ride through the wild world of exploitation films with this often-hilarious documentary, HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS, THE GODFATHER OF GORE!
Weather or not you like his movies, he is still the Godfather of gore and that alone makes this documentary worth a watch. Mr Lewis brings up how he started in the filmindustry and talks about his movies and this documentary shows many of his infamous gorescenes and they talk about what it was like to work with the gore products. I like some of his work, with my favorite being Two Thousand Maniacs, such a simple but effective movie. I would love to get a hold of a collection of his movies soon. This documentary brings up alot of interesting things and Mr Lewis is certainly a special character to watch. 

Gun Woman 2014

Hi everyone!♥

''The best scene is when a naked woman fights a large man''

The Gunwoman: A brilliant doctor on a quest for revenge buys a young woman and trains her to be the ultimate assassin, implanting gun parts in her body that she must later assemble and use to kill her target before she bleeds to death.
I liked that the story was a bit different and when I read what the movie was about I knew that I had to see it. The best scene is when a naked woman fights a large man and uses some MMA moves and the movies is really over the top, but it kept me interested. Some shots could have been made better and the lighting could have been improved on more and the ending was not the greatest, but this movie is still worth a watch and you can get your copy from njutafilms


Hi everyone!♥

''It is mainly Gyllenhaal's performence and the great story that made the movie so brilliant''

Nightcrawler: When Lou Bloom, a driven man desperate for work, muscles into the world of L.A. crime journalism, he blurs the line between observer and participant to become the star of his own story. Aiding him in his effort is Nina, a TV-news veteran.
 Jake Gyllenhaal played the maincharacter perfectly and he made the character really interesting to follow. I was fascinated by all the events that occurred in the movie and how Gyllenhaals character dealt with them. This movie reminded me of Drive, with it being filmed in the streets at night in Los Angeles. It is mainly Gyllenhaal's performence and the great story that made the movie so brilliant and it drew me in right away. I reccomend you to see this movie as soon as possible. 


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