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Rue Morgue & New movie

Hi everyone! ♡

I went to the Sci-Fi bookstore and bought Rue Morgue Issue #156 and Edge of Tomorrow on bluray.

So glad that Human Centipede 3 made it on the cover. I will be writing more on a new screenplay later tonight.

Visit to SubDvd

Hi everyone!

On friday I visited my favorite moviestore, SubDvd and met with my friend Isabella who works there.

I found, It Follows, Inbred and Joe on bluray. The rest on dvd: Hanger, Dyke Hard, Cosmopolis, Searching for Sugarman, Razortooth, Last Caress and Blackaria.

Watching Blackaria

Hi everyone!

Watching Blackaria tonight.


Rewatching Mimic

Hi everyone!

Tonight's movie is Mimic, watching it with my good friend Andres.


Catching some sun

Hi everyone!
Today has been a great and beautiful day. I started the day with getting some sun and then I had to run a couple of errands before work.
Right now I am at work and watching Stephen King's Riding the bullet. I will be of at 21.45 and after that I will be meeting a friend. 

Three movies and Jasmine

Hi everyone!

I spend last night watching awesome movies with Jasmine.

First we watched The Possession, then Seed of Chucky and then finally Hatchet. 

New movie: We are what we are

Hi everyone!

I just got the original We are what we are


Movies that have disturbed me part 1

Hi everyone!♥
I have seen so many horror movies and only a few movies have truly gotten in under my skin in the horror genre. We all find different things disturbing and what might distubr me, might not disturb someone else, so this is my personal list and if you don't agree, I will understand that, here we go. 
1. Halloween 1978. I was six years old when I first saw Halloween and everything about that movie was creepy and it sparked my passion for horror. Michael Myers mask creeped me out and the music is still spooky today, the way that Michael Myers seems to not feel anything underneath the mask is one of the things that creeps me out about him. Thank you John Carpenter for introduing me to the wonderful world of horror movies. 
 2. Salo, 120 days of Sodom. When I first got this movie on dvd, I watched it five times in a week, yes you read that right, five times and it made me feel all empty inside. A bunch of young females and males get kidnapped by four fascists and are subjected to different kinds of tortures. Pasolini is one of my favorite directors and he was not afraid of taking on difficult subjects and Salo is one hell of a ride and the book is even more disturbing. 
3. Sinister. You might be thinking, What is Sinister doing here? and I just rewatched it this weekend and that is one hell of a creepy movie, as I said we find different things disturbing and the contrast between his familylife and the videotapes he finds of the murders is what is disturbing. Those videotapes show a grim reality and how disturbing and ugly death is and it freaked me out, mostly because the victims knew what was coming, but could not do anything about it and that Mr.Boogie was also kind of creepy, atleast until you saw a bit too much of him. 

New movies from SubDvd

Hi everyone!
I got 5 new awesome movies from SubDvd and I am looking froward to watching them, rewatch some of them. All cheerleaders die, EAT, Starry Eyes, What we do in the shadows & Contracted.
Check out they are having a sale now and you can find lots of great movies!

Back in Sweden

Hi everyone!
I am finally back in Sweden after having spend 11 days in Poland with my family. My internet connection did not work so well and that is why I haven't had the chance to blog. I did a lot of things in Poland and spend most of my time with my cousins, Dagmara and Magda. I bought 11 new movies and a book about Federico Fellini that I am currently reading. I have also began working at my new job at MMAnytt and I am loving it. I have lots of things going on and tomorrow I am going back to Nexus for the first session of MMA this year and I will also update my blog more often. 
Dagmara and me at New Year's eve!

2014 - My year

Hi everyone!♥

I am going to go through my year, month by month because I thought it would be fun for you to know the major things that happened each month. 

After the last New year's eve the year began normallt with lots of training at Nexus, but the biggest thing that happened to me in January was the training camp for Amateur-MMA. It was held in Stockholm and it was lots of fun. 4-5 sessions of MMA, Yoga, conditioning and strength for 4 days and really great food after each session, I could not ask for anything more, but unfortunately my left knee was injured and I could not get a spot in the team, so I was really sad, but healing my injury was more important. 
In february I started competing in grappling again and had two grapplingmatches at SGL, I won the first one by armbar and the second one was a draw, though I attempted lots of submissions. 
I started working at Luthman's a lot in March, it was okey, but really demanding work physically. 
I got a new camera from my grandma and grandpa and started taking very nice pictures. 
I got to be an extra in the movie ''Sune i fjällen'' which was really fun. 
In may my club Nexus always hosts the event for Shootfighting and Amateur-MMA fighters and this one was a great event and afterwards we grilled and drank beer. 
I was an extra in a commercial for ATG about the horse Vinny directed by Felix Herngren. I also started working with economy which was really hard because I had no experience with economy what so ever, but I lasted there for two months. 
I went to Poland and had a great time there. I dared to ride the rollercoaster twice and lots of other stuff and I drank lots of beer with rasperryjuice in it, it tasted delicious.
I competed at Tjejkampen and had the worst weight-cut of my life and I will never go through anything like that again and ever since then I have changed my diet and lost some weight, so my walking weight is a lot lighter right now, so I can make strawweight easily. 
The ones who know me knows that this was a hard month for me, I was sick after my fight and was really sick for two weeks and when I began training again I got dumped, so september was the worst month this year, a month that I want to forget. Two good thing sthat happened in september, one was that I started writing articles about TUF 20 for and I really enjoyed it.
The second was The Monsters of film festival where I met Isabella and I watched so many great horrorfilms with my friends. I also bought two awesome Freddy Krueger dolls and got new horrormovies to my collection. 
I dressed up twice for Halloween, one as a nurse and the second time as a devil and both parties were great.
I was also training hard for a fight at IRFA 7, but my meniscus in the right knee got a tear so I had to rehab it and missed my fight and it had me really down for a while. 
I turned 25, but still feel like 5 mentally haha! Some friends came over and celebrated my birthday and I got awesome presents. 
Me, Cain and Lovisa went to watch IRFA 7 and it was great, we had great seats and the fights were very entertaining. 
Me and two other from Nexus won gold at SGL (a grappling tournament) and it was one of the best days of my life. I won by guillotine choke after a few mins, going for lots of armbar attempts, but finally got the choke.
After that I went to the sci-fi convention dressed as Poison Ivy and met my wonderful friend Isabella who was dressed as babydoll. 
Our club hosted the Swedish Championship finals for Shootfighting and Amateur-MMA and it was one of the best events that we have hosted, if not the best! The fights were great and the partying after was also great. 
I started working at my parttime job as a Personal Assistent and I really like it and hoping for lots of work in 2015. Thanks Rodrigo for fixing it for me, it means so much!
Monsters of film festival held an evening of horror and showed three horrormovies at the cinema, ABC's of death 2, REC 4 and The Babadook. I and Andres saw the first two.
I will end the year by flying to Poland and spending the New Year's eve with my cousins. 

People under the stairs Arrow edition

Hi everyone!
My mom ordered many movies for me on christmas, but only I came in time and it was the Arrow edition of People under the stairs and I am very happy!

The Scribbler

Hi everyone!♥

''The clothes and styling of Suki was perfect and it got me even more drawn into her character''

The Scribbler: A young woman is facing her destructive multiple personalities using an experimental new procedure known as "The Siamese Burn."
This is probably the coolest film that I have seen this year. The cinematography was great, with blue, green and dark colours and the character of Suki was so fascinating, that I wanted to learn more about her all the time. The story was great and I got really drawn into it and I thought that every character had something to add to this film. The editing and different use of angles was refreshing. The clothes and styling of Suki was perfect and it got me even more drawn into her character. Both Michelle Trachtenberg, Eliza Dushku and Sasha Grey is in this and the rest of the cast did a great job aswell, I really recommend this. 

4 new movies from Subdvd (Njutafilms)

Hi everyone!♥

''I got four new movies from Subdvd and all of the movies are from njutafilms.''

I have seen two of them, but I will watch Among the living again. I am looking forward to seeing Miss Violence and Kink. 
The Gun Woman, Kink, Miss Violence and Among the living. 

Halloween outfits

Hi everyone!
These were my outfits for Halloween this year. I went to two Halloweenparties, but I wanted to go to more! 

Happy Halloween

Hi everyone!
Everyone knows that I love Halloween and today I carved my pumpkin. Later I will put on my costume and today will be so much fun! I am so excited! Happy Halloween everybody!

Halloween is coming

Hi everyone!♥

2 more days to Halloween

What are you all doing this Halloween? Halloween is my favorite holiday and always have been. I always watch the same two movies at Halloween and I do it as soon as I wake up. I start with John Carpenter's Halloween and then I watch House of the devil, but this year I will add another movie to my yearly viewing, so give me your thoughts on which one. After I have watched the movies this friday I will go to a party, but I do not have a costume yet, but I hope to find one tomorrow. I will also get some pumpkins tomorrow and carve them, so I have lots of things to do tomorrow. 

New shelf for my dolls

Hi everyone!
I have been fixing up my movieroom a bit and bought a new shelf made of glass. I have put most of my dolls in that shelf and my Dario Argento collection. I think that I will buy another shelf and have it right next to this one, because there are still limited editions that I could not fit into this one. 


Hi everyone!
I have now attended two filmfestivals this month. First it was Monsters of film festival and this saturday I saw a movie at the Polish filmfestival kinoteka and saw the movie Floating Skyscrapers with my mom. It is really worth going to filmfestivals and watch these films that you might find hard to find elsewhere and to experience new kind of movies. I will attend Stockholms filmfestival in november and I hope that you will be there too. 

Gravity & Prometheus

Hi everyone!
Just bought these two movies, Gravity and Prometheus. Going to watch A walk among the tombstones in the cinema later.

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