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Monsters of film festival day 3

Hi everyone!
I started day 3 with a visit to SubDvd to buy some new movies. I bought 4 movies, Excision on bluray, Cold Fishh, Coffy and Hallucinations of a deranged mind on dvd. I also bought two Freddy Krueger dolls from the girl that worked there, she was so nice to sell them to me. 
I saw 5 movies at the cinema, Miss Zombie, Let us prey, Among the living, Starry Eyes and Strange colours of your body's tears. The day was great and today will be awesome aswell!

4 movies yesterday

Hi everyone!
Yesterday I saw 4 movies at the festival. It began with the Sci-fi film Debug. After that I saw Der Samurai and headed to Sture to watch the premiere of the Swedish horrormovie Faust 2.0. The last film was Open Windows. I got a goodiebag at Faust 2.0 with a new movie, score! The best movie of the day was Der Samurai, a German film that rakes unexpected turns and had a great story. 

Monsters of film festival day 2

Hi everyone!
I am on my way to the second day at the festival! Today I am planning to see 4 films, Debug, Der Samurai, Faust 2.0 and Open Windows. I am looking forward to all of them. I will eat so much popcorn and candy that my stomach will probably explode, which will be appropriate for the festivale! Still can not stopp thinking about how awesome it was yesterday.

Tusk plus afterparty

Hi everyone!
Just got home from the afterparty that Monsters of film festival had. Me, my mom and David went to see the opening film, Tusk by Kevin Smith. I really liked it and was happy to finally watch it. When we arrived we got a goodiebag, with a movie, some booklets and other cool stuff. Me and my mom got two different movies, so that was cool to not get the same one. 
After the movie we went to the afterparty, where we had a few drinks and then it was time for a horrorquiz, me and David won two blurayfilms each and we were superhappy with our Team Polsky! We talked with a friend of mine that we met at the party, which was fun and then we went home. It was a really fun night and now I have 4 more days of horrorfilms to look forward to. 

Monsters of film festival

Hi everyone!
Today the Monsters of film festival begins in Stockholm and the first movie to be shown is Tusk. I am going to watch 14 movies and be part of a workshop, so I am really looking forward to it. Will you be there? 
Yes I have pink in my hair right now and a new dress for Tusk and the party afterwards!

Poland: Funland part 2

Hi everyone!

Here is part 2 of our day at the funland in Katowice.

We went on a boatride.
I have been terrified of going on rollercoasters for years and I went on this one twice in a row! First time I ever went on a rollercoaster with loops.
We went very high. 
I really loved our day in the funland, it was one of the best days that I have had with Manuel, it was perfect. 

City of the living dead Arrow bluray edition

Hi everyone!

I have ordered this awesome edition of Lucio Fulci's City of the living dead. 

 I will take more pics abd describe the contents when I will have it in my collection.

Poland: Funland part 1

Hi everyone! ♥

We went to a Carnival/Funland in Poland, Katowice and it was fun.

Manou is by the entrance and is super excited!
We drank some beer and ate hotdogs with fries, delicious! I drank beer with raspberry juice in it and I loved it.
A very nice statue. 
Some kissing by the waterslide.

Poland day 1 part 2

Hi everyone!

Me and Manou went to the cinema in Poland and saw Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann.

Det var riktigt kul att åka till Polen och se en svensk film på bio, men den gillade jag väldigt mycket.
Manou being cool while waiting to get into the cinema.

Nice weather

Hi everyone!♥

Yesterday we had nice weather in Sweden for about an hour and I am glad that I got of work earlier to catch some sun. 


New movies!

Hi everyone!
I was just at Hemmakväll and bought some movies and some candy. 

Monsters of film festival

Hi everyone!


The news about when the next Monsters of film festival has finally come and the festival will take place between the 8th and 12th of october. I am really looking forward to it and hoping to watch as many movies as possible. The poster looks incredible and I try to image what horror movies they will be showing, maybe Eli Roth's The Green Inferno? This festival is held in Stockholm and I am so glad that we finally have a festival dedicated to horror movies. You should check out there facebookpage, just type in Monsters of film and you can visit their website right here.
Anders Muammar created this beautiful poster. 

This sunday

Hi everyone! 
I had a really great time this sunday, waking up with my love, watching UFC, eating at O'learys and such.

Leprechaun in the hood

Hi everyone!♥

''The kills were pretty boring''

Leprechaun in the hoodThe Leprechaun ends up in the inner city, Compton, CA. More comedy than horror fill this installment.
No it's time for the leprechaun to make a visit to the hood, but this is a visit that becomes boring and uncreative. The only funny thing about this movie was when the Lep did his rap at the very end, Lep in the hood! Besides that, there was not anything good about this movie. The kills were pretty boring and it seems that the leprechaun would win easily with the powers that he has. It is said that this is more comedy than horror, but I did not find this one particularly funny, mostly boring. 

More pics from filming!

Hi everyone!
I have now been an extra in one movie that will be in the cinema and one commercial which will be aired on tv. I liked it a lot and I am going to apply for more jobs as an extra and hope to get a few more jobs this summer. Here are some more pictures from the filmjobs that I have done.

Filming in Norrtälje

Hi everyone!
Yesterday was a looooooong day. We were filming from 16 until 23.30. I was at the location 14.20 and the stylist decided what I would wear. Then we had to wait for everyone to get ready and for the team to st up everything. I was in two scenes and we took a lot of takes for each shot. Posting some pics of the environment in Norrtälje. 

Filming a commercial today

Hi everyone!
Right now I am sitting on a bus on my way to be an extra in a commercial that will be filmed today in Norrtälje. I will get paid and I think it will be a lot of fun. I will be watching Leprechaun 4 on the way their because this trip will take about 90 minutes. 
This buss has two floors and I am on the second on, woho! I was supposed to bring some clothes with me, but I did not have everything that was on the list but I hope that it will be okey anyway. Going to update you later about how everything is going.

From Beyond i samlingen

I just got From Beyond on bluray and it looks awesome. 

Tales from yesterday part 2

Hi everybody!♥
This saturday, we had a barbeque and I was the grillmaster. Natalia and Basia liked my food and we  had a great evening together, the next day they went back to Poland. 
I also tried to get som sun, but that was hard since it decided to hid behind clouds almost all day. 
Everything was delicious! Maybe I should apply for Masterchef haha!

Tales from yesterday

Hi everybody!♥
My mom's friend and her daughter is visiting us from Poland, they have been here since friday and we visited Stockholm City on friday.
We ate some Ben &  and we walked to see the castle. Then we came home and ate some food and Natalia baked a delicious strawberry cheesecake. Sofia came by and the drinking began.
After a few drinks, things started to get strange.....
Me and Sofia talked a lot about upcoming movies that we are going to watch. 

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