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Woman in gold

Hi everyone!♡

"The acting of Ryan Reynolds and Helen Mirren were solid" 

Woman in gold: Maria Altmann, an octogenarian Jewish refugee, takes on the Austrian government to recover artwork she believes rightfully belongs to her family. 
The best thing about Woman in gold was the way that they integrated the present and the past, it was beautifully done. The acting of Ryan Reynolds and Helen Mirren were solid and the scenes hit me right in the feels sometimes. One of the best drama movies so far this yet!


Hi everyone!♡

 "The sequences with the ants were great and stunning"

Ant-Man: Armed with a super-suit with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, cat burglar Scott Lang must embrace his inner hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, plan and pull off a heist that will save the world. 
I was surprised that Ant-man is one of my favorite films from Marvel. The sequences with the ants were great and stunning. The details were beautiful and the humor and jokes fitted the movie. Paul Rudd was great as Ant-man and the two, yes two extra scenes after the credits roll made me excited for what is yet to come. Ant-man is one of my favorite Marvel heroes now.

Lost River

Hi everyone! ♡

"So beautiful and filled with so much angst"

Lost River:  A single mother is swept into a dark underworld, while her teenage son discovers a road that leads him to a secret underwater town.
So beautiful and filled with so much angst, maybe that is why it spoke to me so much. It teaches you that sometimes it is better to let things go rather than fighting for something by risking your own well being. It was a pleasant suprise that Barbara Steele was also starring in this, most famous for her roles in Italian Gothic horrorfilms like Black Sunday. A great directorial debut from Ryan Gosling, hoping to see more from him as a director.

Jurassic World

Hi everyone!

"I really did not care about who died or survived" 

Jurassic World: Twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond. After 10 years of operation and visitor rates declining, in order to fulfill a corporate mandate, a new attraction is created to re-spark visitors' interest, which backfires horribly. 
I used to watch the other Jurassic Park movies all the time when I was a kid, so I was so excited about watching Jurassic world. The older Jurassic Park movies where a bit darker, which I prefer, because this one feels too mainstream and a film for kids.

The deaths were not buildt up in a intense way and I really did not care about who died or survived, because the details for building characters and the moments leading up to someone dying where so much more suspensefull in the older films.

This one did have great effects and some good scenes with the velociraptors and t-rex's, but I had expected way more and I was a bit dissapointed.


It Follows

Hi everyone!♥

"The music was amazing and it made me think of horrormovies from the 70's and 80's"

It Follows: After a young (Jay) girl has sex with a guy she is dating, something unknown is starting to follow her and she must survive at any cost. 
The new horrorfilm that everyone is talking about is It Follows. I really liked it because Jay was in constant fear of the thing that was following her and I was on the edge of my seat throughout the film because I could feel her fear. Jays character was buildt up very well and even though she was surrounded by her friends, she was alone in her struggle against IT. The music was amazing and it made me think of horrormovies from the 70's and 80's and the story was good, this is definitely one of the best horrormovies of 2015 so far. 

The Purge: Anarchy

Hi everyone!♥

''Even if you do buy the concept,it does not mean that the movie will be good''

The Purge: Anarchy: A young couple works to survive on the streets after their car breaks down right as the annual purge commences.
I went to a preview screening of The Purge: Anarchy and I did not like the first one, but I was still curious about the second one, because of one thing, they are now taking it out on the streets and not only in the home of someone. The feeling of never being safe is set from the start and lasts until the very end, which is good. Many have argued about how stupid the idea of ''The Purge'' is and if you will not believe or by that, then you are going to have a bad time watching this film. It is crucial to believe that the society in a many is the way it is, just like in a sci-fi movie where you enter a new and different world and you have to accept how it looks like and how everything works, just like you have to buy the concept of The Purge to be able to appreciate the movie. Even if you do buy the concept,it does not mean that the movie will be good, but atleast you believe the world that these characters are living in. 
Even though there were plenty of violence in this movie, I still felt that something was missing, something that would really make me cringe just thinking about it. The masks that some of The Purgers wore were very cool and gave the move a creepy feeling, whenever they were shown. The plot should have brought some unexpected turns, because most things were obvious. I liked this better than the first one, but it still does not stand out amongst other horrormovies this year to get a better grade. 

Dawn of the planet of the apes

Hi everyone!♥

''The first half of the movie was great''

Dawn of the planet of the apesIn the wake of a disaster that changed the world, the growing and genetically evolving apes find themselves at a critical point with the human race.
I was looking forward to seeing this movie, but I was somewhat dissapointed even though I really liked many parts of it. The first half of the movie was great, where we got to see the relatoionship between the apes and how they were living, even when the humans were introduced, it still worked. Where I was dissapointed was how things turned out in the second half of the movie and how obvious the plot would be. The apes were incredibly well done, they looked so real and I was amazed and fascinated. Ceasar had moe feelings and depth than any human character. If the plot had been better in the second half, Dawn of the planet of the apes would have gotten a higher grade.

Deliver us from evil

Hi everyone!♥

''This movie had some creepy moments, but I wishedfor more moments like those.''

Deliver us from evil: NY police officer Ralph Sarchie investigates a series of crimes. He joins forces with an unconventional priest, schooled in the rituals of exorcism, to combat the possessions that are terrorizing their city.
I think that Eric Bana played his character very well and I understood his pain and frustration. I liked the cinematography in many scenes, especially in the possession scene which was very well done.The ending was missing something and did not satisfy me at all, it felt a bit light. This movie had some creepy moments, but I wishedfor more moments like those. There was a great scene with a woman in a mental hospital that managed to escape and the look on her face was so intense and creepy. I liked the movie, but with more creepy moments it could have gotten a better grade. 

The Fault in our stars

Hi everyone!♥

 ''I like how they solved the texteing parts''

The Fault in our stars: Hazel and Gus are two teenagers who share an acerbic wit, a disdain for the conventional, and a love that sweeps them on a journey. Their relationship is all the more miraculous given that Hazel's other constant companion is an oxygen tank, Gus jokes about his prosthetic leg, and they met and fell in love at a cancer support group.
I knew that this movie was about a girl named Hazel that suffers from cancer, but I did not know that I would have a hard time watching this. I have been through having a person die from cancer, so it was hard for me watching this movie, but it was a beautiful film and the relationship that evolved between the characters were great. Some of the dialogue might seem a bit cheesy, but the cancerparts really got to me and this film was more heavy emotionallt than I thought it would be. I like how they solved the texteing parts, because they texted eachother a lot and when someone got a text a bubble with the message would appear on the screen, instead of having the audience see the message on the phone all the time. I like movies that makes me feel different emotions, even if they make me really sad. 

22 Jump Street

Hi everyone!♥

''This one was so much better than the first one''

22 jump street: After making their way through high school (twice), big changes are in store for officers Schmidt and Jenko when they go deep undercover at a local college.
Is it just me or are the comedies getting funnier this year? The ones that I have seen in the cinema this year have not dissapointed me and I have laughed almost all the way throughout the films and 22 Jump Street was no exception to that. It had funny moments all the time and some scenes were genius and the ending was hilarious. This one was so much better than the first one and Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum make a great team. The ''ending-ending'' was simply the best!

Preview of 22 Jump street!

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow I am going to the preview of 22 Jump street in Stockholm. I hope I can leave work a little bit earlier so that I can make it in time to see the film. 



Hi everyone!♥

 ''There where some things that bothered me''

MaleficentA vindictive fairy is driven to curse an infant princess only to realize the child may be the only one who can restore peace.
This movie is really beautifully shot and Angelina Jolie is perfect as Maleficent. There where some things that bothered me, the angle that they were going for was to bright and they wanted Maleficent to be good in this one, but I think that it would have worked better if she had stayed evil and cruel. I know that these kinds of films wants to show that there is good in everyone, but some people just have darkness and hate in them and it will never change. I did like the fact that they took some of the basic things from the Disney textbook and threw it away, similiar with Frozen. 

Going to the cinema today!

 Hi everyone!♥

Going to see A Million ways to die in the West in the cinema today!

Have you seen it?


Hi everyone!♥

''Oculus actually stands out amongst  the newer horrormovies''

OculusA woman tries to exonerate her brother, who was convicted of murder, by proving that the crime was committed by a supernatural phenomenon.
Oculus actually stands out amongst the newer horrormovies. It has a story that works and it slowly builds up a scary atmospehere around the mirror. The hardest technical thing with this movie is the editing and that the story jumps from then to now and they did it in a very good and clever way, so you really have to pay attention, otherwise it will get too confusing. I really liked the ending, but unfortunately I was left with some unanswered questions that should have been answered, but I will not spoil them here and I also thought that the film lost some of it scary atmospehere when certain things seemed to appear to often, but it is worth a watch. 

Top 5 list: X-men

Hi everyone!♥

My top 5 list of x-men movies

1. X-men 2
2. X-men: Days of future past
3. X-men
4. X-men: First class
5. X-men origins: Wolverine


Hi everyone!♥

''The acting was pretty solid, but the story bored me''

Pompeii: A slave-turned-gladiator finds himself in a race against time to save his true love, who has been betrothed to a corrupt Roman Senator. As Mount Vesuvius erupts, he must fight to save his beloved as Pompeii crumbles around him.
It feels like this story has been made a thousand times and this one was pretty thin and a bit predictable. I was just waiting for the volcano to errupt, but it came very late. The acting was pretty solid, but the story bored me a bit since it did not bring anything new to table. You can take a story that has been made over and over again, but if you add your own take on it, it can still be pretty interesting, but this was not. 

X-men: Days of future past

Hi everyone!♥

''It started out really great and got right to the point''

X-men: Days of future past: The X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants.
I was really looking forward to this and I was not dissappointed. It started out really great and got right to the point and I was so glad to see the characters again. I think that the story was great and they handled it really well. Some scenes were shot beautifully and my favorite involves Quicksilver and some bullets, that scene was perfect. I think that I liked this movie even more than First Class, but my favorite X-men movie is still X-men 2. It was slowing down a bit towards the end, but I still enjoyed it. The story was easy to follow and did not stray from the path it was taking. 


Hi everyone!♥

''it could have been longer with more fighting and with more Gojira!''

Godzilla: The world's most famous monster is pitted against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity's scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.

Well I thought that the fights were a bit short and I wanted to see more of Godzilla. Some of the editing was strange and out of place, but the cinematography with the sound was great and buildt up a great and intense atmosphere that they kept throughout the film. The look of Godzilla was nice and the look of the other things aswell.This was a really cool movie to watch in the cinema, but I also thought that it was a bit short, it could have been longer with more fighting and with more Gojira!


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Hi everyone!♥

First of all it was really cool that Georges St. Pierre was in the movie

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world and battles a new threat from old history: the Soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier.
I did not like the first Captain America movie, but I did find this one slightly better. First of all it was really cool that Georges St. Pierre was in the movie, doing some fighting. Captain America was more interesting in this one, but the story was very predictable. The other cool thing is that Cobie Smulders who plays Robin in How I Met your mother plays a role in these movie, aways glad to see her. I have no problem with the length of the film, it did not even feel that long because something happened all the time, but some things just did not make sense. Some fightingscenes were really cool so that definitely helped the movie. 

The Amazing Spider-man 2

Hi everyone!♥

''The music in this movie felt really wrong''

The Amazing Spider-man 2: Peter Parker realises that he does not want to put Gwen in any danger because of him, but he does not want to lose her either and that creates a tough situation for them, meanwhile a new enemy by the name Electro is terrorizing the city and Spiderman must find a way to defeat Electro. 
I really liked the first Amazing Spiderman movie, but this one was not as good as the first. The music in this movie felt really wrong and did not fit at all and created very strange atmospheres in the some scenes and I was not really sure what to feel. Electro was a really interesting character and he was one of the few things that were good in this movie. They could have cut out some romantic scenes that felt misplaced and they could have cut it a bit shorter, but the ending surprised me in a good way, so that is one plus. 

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