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My life right now

Hi everyone!♥
The month of January has been a good, but a bit stressfull, the stressfull part equals the schoolpart, I have had to do many essays the last week and I have hit some minor difficulty, but Everything will be solved. I have watched a lot of Movies, mostly with my boyfriend whom I have been spending a lot of time with. Tomorrow I will be working and on thursday I will be going to MMA-camp for a few Days, I will not be sleeping there since it will not be far away from where I live, so I will train for a few hours and then come home. I am looking forward to the camp and to what they have in store for us. This will be my first MMA-camp, so I am not sure what to expect, but I know that the training will be intense and a teammate from my club will also go to that camp, so it will be nice to have a person that I am friends with at the camp.

Berberian Sound Studio

Hi everyone!♥

''This movie is visually stunning and I liked the pace of the movie.''

Berberian Sound Studio: In the 1970's a Brittish soundtechnitian is send to Italy to work on the soundeffects for a horrormovie, but the job has serious effects on the technitian and he is forced to deal with memories from his past. 
I really liked the intro for this movie, very stylish and well made and made me think of old Giallomovies. It is set in the 70's in Italy and it adds a certain feeling which I love. I myself am a filmmaker and know the importance of good soundeffects and this movie really made me want to do more movies and to make great soundeffects. This movie is visually stunning and I liked the pace of the movie. Unfortunately I thought that much more was going to happen and that the movie would focus a bit more on horror and having a scary atmosphere, instead the film almost gets good, but just misses the mark and gets a three out of five. 

Topp 5 lista: James Wan

Hi everyone!♥

Top 5 list of James Wan movies

1. Insidious
2. Saw
3. Dead Silence
4. Death Sentence
5. The Conjuring

The Innkeepers

Hi everyone!♥

''The big problem with this movie is that it is boring for the most part''

The Innkeepers: Two employees at an hotell are working there for the last time, because after the weekend the hotell is closing. They are into the paranormal and decide to go ghosthunting one night because they have heard a particular story about the hotell.
I really liked Ti West's The House of the Devil and I was looking forward to see The Innkeepers. The big problem with this movie is that it is boring for the most part and when things start to happen, it stops pretty quickly and it never gets exciting. I like Sara Paxton, she does a good job, but I don't like the ending and I think that a lot more should have been going on in the last 20-30 minutes. I got a feeling of creepiness in the beginning and was hoping that feeling would stick with me throughout the movie, but unfortunately it didn't. 

Open Grave

Hi everyone!♥

''I like the fact that no one remembers anything, it makes the movie a bit more exciting''

Open Grave: A man wakes up in an open grave and have no recollection of how he got there. He must then begin a journey to find out if one of the ones who saved him is a killer or if it he himself who is the killer. 
Open Grave reminded me alot of my shortfilm Man in the Forest because it opens up with a man that wakes up outside in an open grave and have no memories of how he got there. It started out good and confusing, which a movie should be, I like the fact that I have no ieda what is going on and hopefully I will understand it once it is done (with the exception of a movie by David Lynch, where I get almost nothing, but it is still awesome). After the man from the beginning gets to a house and other characters are introduced, the movie gets a bit boring. I like the fact that no one remembers anything, it makes the movie a bit more exciting, because you don't know who to trust. In the end this movie could have had alot more gore and taken better turns with the screenplay, but it had a few good scenes (the one with the fence was one amongst the good ones) and it had som boring ones aswell.  

Död snö 2 teaser trailer

Hej alla läsare!♥

Här kan ni se teasern för Död snö 2

 Jag tycker att filmen verkar riktigt lovande och skruvad. Första filmen var underbar och denna ser ut att bli minst lika bra. 

Utgåvor jag vill köpa 2014: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Arrow

Hej alla läsare!♥

Denna Arrow utgåva av Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 är riktigt snygg och fullpackad med extramaterial. Jag hoppas kunna få tag på denna under 2014.


Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Hej alla läsare!♥

På fredag har Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones premiär

Jag är väldigt sugen på att se ''femte'' filmen i denna skräckserie och efter att ha sett trailerna så är jag ännu mer sugen. Denna känns lite annorlunda än dom andra. Här är en recension av Bloody-disgusting som ni kan läsa.
 Handling: Efter att Jesse, tillsammans med sina kompisar, tagit sig in i en mördad kvinnas lägenhet så uppstår ett oförklarligt märke på hans arm. Detta är bara början på en helvetesresa. Jesse är märkt och förföljs av mörka krafter som vill honom illa.

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