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The Innkeepers

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''The big problem with this movie is that it is boring for the most part''

The Innkeepers: Two employees at an hotell are working there for the last time, because after the weekend the hotell is closing. They are into the paranormal and decide to go ghosthunting one night because they have heard a particular story about the hotell.
I really liked Ti West's The House of the Devil and I was looking forward to see The Innkeepers. The big problem with this movie is that it is boring for the most part and when things start to happen, it stops pretty quickly and it never gets exciting. I like Sara Paxton, she does a good job, but I don't like the ending and I think that a lot more should have been going on in the last 20-30 minutes. I got a feeling of creepiness in the beginning and was hoping that feeling would stick with me throughout the movie, but unfortunately it didn't. 

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Postat av: Jonas

Jag håller med. Det fanns potential i filmen, men den var lite långsam och seg emellanåt, eller ganska mycket, så då blev det till och med så att jag somnade en skvätt till den. Synd, för som sagt det fanns potential.

2014-01-18 @ 11:14:08

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