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Hi everyone!♥

''The relationship between Ted and the operative system felt real ''

Her: Ted works with writing touching and personal letters, but he himself suffers from a broken heart after ending a marriage. He soon discovers a new relationship in his operative system which proves to be both intelligent and conscious. 
I really liked the story, it was original and different and the cinematography complemented the story perfectly. The film was pretty depressing and was filled with emotions and made me feel a lot. The relationship between Ted and the operative system felt real even though the system did not have a body. Joaquin Pheonix played the role of Ted really well and the film was beautiful and funny sometimes, especiella the ''Strangled Cat'' part. I also liked that you can interpret the ending how you want, it gives you options. 

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Hi everyone!♥
Two people will have the chance to be a reviewer this summer for SF and I really want one of them to be me. I do not have so many votes right now, but you can help me by clicking the Rösta button, so please do it. It will mean a lot to me. Here is the link to the page. Below is my video for applying to the contest and I am reviewing the Amazing Spider-man 2. 

Wolf Creek 2

Hi everyone!♥

''This is one of those films that takes an unexpected turn''

Wolf Creek 2: Two backpackers from Germany are hiking and set camp overnight, but are met by a man who says that they can not stay there because the police will fine them for camping in the wrong place. The man says he can drive them somewhere else and this man is Mick Taylor.
I was so excited to hear that a sequel would be filmed, because I really liked the first one. I think that the concept and story in the second one was good. This is one of those films that takes an unexpected turn and it worked. The environment is beautiful and perfect for this movie and the gore scenes were great. It is raw and very intense and I was sitting on needles throught the last 30 minutes of the film. I felt as isolated, hopeless and alone as the victims in this film, just like I did with the victims in the first one and what a creepy guy that Mick Taylor is, really well played. 

Devil's Due

Hi everyone!♥

''It took too long until something happened''

Devil's Due: A newlywed couple have just been on their honeymoon and are now back home, but something strange has happened, the wife is pregrant even though she is on her pill. They decide to keep the baby, but the pregnancy is starting to get really weird and turning the expecting mother into the darkside.

The found footage genre has exploded over the last few years, but few movies have managed to really make it work and to find a way to be really creepy and scary, this is not one of them. It took too long until something happened and the things that happened before the ending were not scary or horrifying at all. The ending was okey and things finally happened, but not enough to get this movie a higher grade than 2.


Sadako 3D

Hi everyone!♥

''It could have been scary if it had been inovating and completely different''

Sadako 3D: Akane is a high school teacher that learns that a rumour is going around about a video that kills anyone who watches it and she thinks that one of her students was watching it and she now must find a way to save those around her and herself from the video.
The dark haired girl is back, scary right? No not scary at all anymore. It could have been scary if it had been inovating and completely different, but this felt more silly and not dark at all like the previous Ringu films and Sadako just does not scare me anymore. I am all for wanting to take up a popular concept and to make it matter again, but you really have to think outside the box. The story was okey, but the ending was bad and predictable and it did not draw me in at all. I have not seen Sadako 3D part 2 yet, but I will probably will, because you know, horror. 

The Amazing Spider-man 2

Hi everyone!♥

''The music in this movie felt really wrong''

The Amazing Spider-man 2: Peter Parker realises that he does not want to put Gwen in any danger because of him, but he does not want to lose her either and that creates a tough situation for them, meanwhile a new enemy by the name Electro is terrorizing the city and Spiderman must find a way to defeat Electro. 
I really liked the first Amazing Spiderman movie, but this one was not as good as the first. The music in this movie felt really wrong and did not fit at all and created very strange atmospheres in the some scenes and I was not really sure what to feel. Electro was a really interesting character and he was one of the few things that were good in this movie. They could have cut out some romantic scenes that felt misplaced and they could have cut it a bit shorter, but the ending surprised me in a good way, so that is one plus. 

Pinocchio's Revenge

Hi everyone!♥

 ''Pinocchio was not even scary at all''

Pinocchio's Revenge: A female lawayer takes home a pinocchio doll from a case that she was working on and many believed that the doll was responsible for a father to kill his son. The lawyer's daughter takes a liking to the pinocchio doll, but mysterious accidents start to happen whenever the doll is around. 
Well this movie was really slow and boring. Pinocchio was not even scary at all, but the pace was the biggest problem this film had. More should have happened to make it a bit more exciting and I think that Pinocchio should have been more intense and scary looking. This is a typical evil doll meets innocent child story, but done very poorly in comparison to other similar movies. 

Love ahead part 2

Her eyes were piercing through my soul and I could not stop looking at her. The woman runs into her room again and I back away from the window. I walk over to the door to see if it is locked which it is, I then go to the bed and sit down on the floor beside the bed. My heart is beating really fast and I have no idea of what to do. Tom is dead and his tounge was so far out from his mouth it was almost like that woman had grabbed it and dragged it out as far as possible. 
Suddenly I hear a bang on the door and my heart skips a beat and I find it hard to breathe. The banging continues and I am paralyzed. I stand up and go over to the window, but I can not seem to open it. What kind of hotel have windows that can not be opened? The baning suddenly stops and I turn around to face the door. I feel someone's eyes at the back of my neck and I open up my eyes in terror and I turn around to see the woman staring at me from behind the window. 
She crashes through the window and puts one hand around my throath. She is chocking me and I can not get her hand of me, she is really strong. Her grip tightens and she takes out her other hand from behind her back and she is holding a syringe with a green liqiud and a knife. I can not make a sound and I have tears coming down my cheeks. She pushes the syringe into my throat and I can feel my tongue getting bigger and it is forcing its way out of my mouth and I can not do a thing about it. 
My body goes limp, but I can still feel everything. She lets go of her hand and my body falls down on the ground with my tongue far out from my mouth, like a dog. She takes the knife and separates my head from my body. I am still looking at my body even though my head is severed. Why am I not dead? Or maybe I am dead and this is my punishment. She walks out of the room and everything is so silent. After a while she comes back, holding Toms head in her hands. His eyes are moving and we look at eachother. She puts his head right next to my head and we keep looking at eachother. She then spreads her legs and I was wondering, who is she going to choose? 

Trilogy of terror 2

Hi everyone!

''The stories did not seem so well thought of like it was in the first movie.''

Trilogy of terror 2: Three short stories, the first one about a woman trying to get rid of her older husband for her lover. The second about a mother that misses her dead son so much that she brings him back. The third one is about the Zuni doll and it is still thirsty for blood. 
This sequel was not nearly as good as the first one. The stories did not seem so well thought of like it was in the first movie. The stories did not capture me at all. The third story included the Zuni doll killer and it began just where the other had left of, but everything that happened in the first one also happened in this one and I mean exact moves and scenes, which was just repetetive and boring. I was so excited for the Zuni doll story and I was dissapointed, because it was done so beautifully and creative in the first one, but the opposite in this, such a shame. 

A virgin among the living dead

Hi everyone!♥

''I had imagined a very different movie when I read the title''

A virgin among the living dead: A young women travels to see her relatives to get her heritage that was left to her, but she soon realises that everyone is actually a living dead creature. 
There were some good moments, the ending was pretty good and the last shot was nice, but for the most part this movie was boring and not enough blood to make it work. I had imagined a very different movie when I read the title and sadly I was dissapointed. The cinematography was okey, but the story was not intriguing and I mostly wanted the movie to end. I will give Jesus Franco more chances even though the movies I have seen from him haven't wanted me to watch more. 

Triogy of terror

Hi everyone!♥

''The third story however is the one that really shines because of the crazy Zuni doll''

Trilogy of terror: Contains three short films that all star Karen Black. The first one is about an obsessed student that blackmails his teacher. The second is about two sisters that do not get along. The third and final one is about a Zuni doll that tries to kill Karen Black. 
This film consists of three shortfilms all starring Karen Black as the leading role, which was a very good decision. The first two stories were okey, well written and thought out, the endings were the best and Karen Black acted really well. The third story however is the one that really shines because of the crazy Zuni doll that is trying to kill Karen Black in any way he can and I really liked the ending in that one aswell. To my enjoyment I found out that a sequel had been made and I will review it next time. 

The Grand Budapest hotel

Hi everybody!♥

''Willem Dafoe's role was superb!''

The Grand Budapest hotel: M Gustave is a well known concierge at the Grand Budapest hotel and he gets suspected of murder and must prove his innocense. He takes his lobby boy Zero with him on an adventure to find out what has really happened. 
I was looking forward to Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest hotel and I finally saw it this weekend in the cinema. I really liked how the film was shot, the colors and the cameramovements were exciting and memorable. I liked how the story was told and that it went back in time. I enjoyed every second of the film and the characters were also memorable and it was fun to see so many well known faces, Willem Dafoe's role was superb! Really well written and acted. It was funny and I liked that it had a comedic feeling all the way through, it fitted the film really well. 

Two thousand maniacs!

Hi everybody!♥

''The cinematography was charming and fitted the film perfectly''

Two thousand Maniacs!: A few young people have to take a detour and wind up in the town Pleasentvalley and decide to spend the night there, but they soon realise that the town is very strange and that it is best to just leave before everything turns into a living hell. 
I really loved 2001 Maniacs and I had always wanted to see the original from 1964 and finally after many years I did and I was not dissapointed. The cinematography was charming and fitted the film perfectly and inhanced the terror. There could have been more gorescenes, but I liked that they were creative with the ones they had. It is too bad that this one was a bit short and did not include the feast that the remake included, because I had really loved to see the feast.Lewis has been critized for his stories and that they are not well thought out, but this story is really intriguing and I have nothing negativa to say about it, other than that I wished it had been longer, so I guess that is positive. 

Love ahead part 1

Where is he? I asked myself. Waiting for Tom to show up has become a habit and this was our last chance to save what we had. Tick, tick, tick, every second the clock drives me insane and this hotelroom feels so lonely and dark. I haven't even turned on any lamp and it is quite dark outside. Tom was the most handsome man I had ever laid my eyes upon, with his dark hair and mysterious scar on his left cheek that he had never told me anything about.

To have me waiting like this has made me furious and Irefuse being treated thisway. He is always late and sometimes he does not even show up and that has led to many arguments and fights, but our love has always seemed to conquer all of the obstacles, but now it has reached a boiling point and this night is our last chance.

I can not sit in this darkness anymore, I can not let it consume me anymore. I get up from my chair and walk over to the nightstand. I turn on the light and I feel a bit better. I walk over to the window to see if my beloved Tom is on his way, but the streets are empty and not one sound is heard. My eyes slowly work their way up to the balcony of the hotelroom across the street.

It looks like a woman is on the balcony, but she has her back turned to me and I can not see clearly. I try to look a bit closer and to focus my attention to her and I can see that she is completely naked. The curve of her back continues down her beautiful rear and it looks like she is holding something in her hands. Her long dark hair looks beautiful against her light skin and the moonlight makes her skin shine even more.

I can not take my eyes of that mysterious woman. She turns around and I can see her breasts and her lovely hard nipples and it turns out that I was right, she is holding something in her hands. My mind is baffled, she is holding a severed head in her hands and she is satisfying herself with it. I feel my penis getting erect and I look closely at the head. It has dark hair and a scar on the left cheek. I get terrified when I realise that she is holding Tom's head in her hands and I gasp for air. She drops the head and looks at me with eyes as dark as coal.  

Herschell Gordon Lewis

Hi everybody!♥

The Godfather of Gore

Herschell Gordon ''The Godfather of gore'' Lewis has been a huge inspiration for me, mostly because he dared to go to places in filmmaking where others would not and he often got critized, but he always kept doing what he liked to. He got the nickname The Godfather of gore because, supposedly he made the first gorefilm ever, Blood Feast, but many argues that he was not the first. If you are a gorehound and really want to see how it all started, check out H.G Lewis work and see how it was then and compare it to today, many of the effects back then are way better and real than today. The best film of H.G Lewis is Two Thousand Maniacs! You might recognize that title, since it got a remake called 2001 Maniacs, starring Robert Englund as Mayor Buckman. 
I think that he has played a huge part in the making of gorefilms and to really show what you can create on a very low budget, even though I can only say that 3-4 of his films have really stuck with me, I am still intrigued by everything that he has created and I think that you should check out some of his work. These are the ones that you should have seen. I am going to get some of his movies for my collection soon!

Blood Feast . Blood Feast 2 . Two Thousand Maniacs. Wizard of gore. Color me blood red . Gruesome Twosome.


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From dusk til Dawn S01E01

Hi everybody!♥

''yes he is a psycho WE GET IT!''

I don't usually write about tv-series, but I felt like it after watching the first episode of ''From dusk til dawn''. I really liked the movie and how it transformed from a roadmovie to a crazy vampire goremovie, but I was sceptical about this series. First of all I thought, why? Is this show even necessary? But I am a person that gives movies and show atleast a chance, no matter what it is and how bad I think it is going to be. I will spoil a few things, so if you do not want any spoilers, stop reading NOW. 
Just like in the movie, the series is about two brothers, the Gecko brothers who just got out of jail. One of the brothers likes to kill people way to much and his brother tries to deal with him, but he can also let his temper get the best of him and when they are near, it's best to stay away. 
I was curious as how this show was going to play out and what they would focus on, the first episode focuses on the incident at the store, which happened kind of quick in the movie. I must say that I prefer the movie version of what happened in the store, this episode dragged it out to far and tried really to explain the brother's actions way to much and I just thought, yes he is a psycho WE GET IT! Well I am not super interested in watching another episode, but I probably will anyway, just to have watched it and to see if it gets any better. 

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