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From dusk til Dawn S01E01

Hi everybody!♥

''yes he is a psycho WE GET IT!''

I don't usually write about tv-series, but I felt like it after watching the first episode of ''From dusk til dawn''. I really liked the movie and how it transformed from a roadmovie to a crazy vampire goremovie, but I was sceptical about this series. First of all I thought, why? Is this show even necessary? But I am a person that gives movies and show atleast a chance, no matter what it is and how bad I think it is going to be. I will spoil a few things, so if you do not want any spoilers, stop reading NOW. 
Just like in the movie, the series is about two brothers, the Gecko brothers who just got out of jail. One of the brothers likes to kill people way to much and his brother tries to deal with him, but he can also let his temper get the best of him and when they are near, it's best to stay away. 
I was curious as how this show was going to play out and what they would focus on, the first episode focuses on the incident at the store, which happened kind of quick in the movie. I must say that I prefer the movie version of what happened in the store, this episode dragged it out to far and tried really to explain the brother's actions way to much and I just thought, yes he is a psycho WE GET IT! Well I am not super interested in watching another episode, but I probably will anyway, just to have watched it and to see if it gets any better. 

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