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Hi everyone!♥

"The way that the clown was transformering really impressed me"

Clown: A loving father finds a clown suit for his son's birthday party, only to realize the suit is part of an evil curse that turns its wearer into a killer. 
I had been waiting to see this one for a long time and it was worth the wait. The idea was really cool and the way that the clown was transforming really impressed me. This is a mean film, especially towards the young victims and there was no comedy in this one, so it is a bit different from Stitches. So if you are expecting Clown to be something like Stitches, you will be dissapointed because this one is much darker.

Faust 2.0

Hi everyone!♥

''It is fun though to see a horrormovie takle the subject of our addiction to technology''

Faust 2.0: Softwares and apps are daily INSTALLED based on agreements we scroll past and accept. But what exactly do we accept? In Faust 2.0 we meet five individuals who unknowingly enters into a pact with unknown forces and whose lives are brought to a brutal turn when they use the mystical applications to achieve what they want - but instead get what they deserve. As the applications spread the pieces fall into place and a digital pandemic takes shape.
It was fun to see a Swedish speaking horrorfilm at the festival. Faust 2.0 consists of five short stories and usually some are better than others in these kind of movies. I really liked the fourth, third and the second story. The fourth one was really funny and different. The fifth and first one did not interest me as much as the others and that is why I am giving Fuast 2.0 a three out of five. It is fun though to see a horrormovie takle the subject of our addiction to technology and the consequenses that can cause. There were some nice gore effects in these stories, so I liked that. Faust 2.0 will be in theaters today, so I hope that you will go to a cinema to check it out, have a few laughs and watch some horror stories with gore in them. 

Mischief Night

Hi everybody!♥

I found most of the movie boring and the pace could have been faster

Mischief Night: A blind woman is left alone in her house where she lives with her dad and thinks that it will be an ordinary weekend, but the night will be anything but ordinary when she is forced to deal with someone breaking into her house.
I like home invasion movies and it has really become a popular subgenre in horrorfilm. I found this movie interesting because the maincharacter is blind and I was excited to see how she would deal with that while someone was in her house, trying to kill her. I found most of the movie boring and the pace could have been faster and more intense, but there was one scene that I really liked and it involved a chainsaw. There is always something really unsettling about having someone uninvited in your house and that is a plot that you can work with in so many ways. 

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