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Wolf Creek 2

Hi everyone!♥

''This is one of those films that takes an unexpected turn''

Wolf Creek 2: Two backpackers from Germany are hiking and set camp overnight, but are met by a man who says that they can not stay there because the police will fine them for camping in the wrong place. The man says he can drive them somewhere else and this man is Mick Taylor.
I was so excited to hear that a sequel would be filmed, because I really liked the first one. I think that the concept and story in the second one was good. This is one of those films that takes an unexpected turn and it worked. The environment is beautiful and perfect for this movie and the gore scenes were great. It is raw and very intense and I was sitting on needles throught the last 30 minutes of the film. I felt as isolated, hopeless and alone as the victims in this film, just like I did with the victims in the first one and what a creepy guy that Mick Taylor is, really well played. 

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