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Love ahead part 2

Her eyes were piercing through my soul and I could not stop looking at her. The woman runs into her room again and I back away from the window. I walk over to the door to see if it is locked which it is, I then go to the bed and sit down on the floor beside the bed. My heart is beating really fast and I have no idea of what to do. Tom is dead and his tounge was so far out from his mouth it was almost like that woman had grabbed it and dragged it out as far as possible. 
Suddenly I hear a bang on the door and my heart skips a beat and I find it hard to breathe. The banging continues and I am paralyzed. I stand up and go over to the window, but I can not seem to open it. What kind of hotel have windows that can not be opened? The baning suddenly stops and I turn around to face the door. I feel someone's eyes at the back of my neck and I open up my eyes in terror and I turn around to see the woman staring at me from behind the window. 
She crashes through the window and puts one hand around my throath. She is chocking me and I can not get her hand of me, she is really strong. Her grip tightens and she takes out her other hand from behind her back and she is holding a syringe with a green liqiud and a knife. I can not make a sound and I have tears coming down my cheeks. She pushes the syringe into my throat and I can feel my tongue getting bigger and it is forcing its way out of my mouth and I can not do a thing about it. 
My body goes limp, but I can still feel everything. She lets go of her hand and my body falls down on the ground with my tongue far out from my mouth, like a dog. She takes the knife and separates my head from my body. I am still looking at my body even though my head is severed. Why am I not dead? Or maybe I am dead and this is my punishment. She walks out of the room and everything is so silent. After a while she comes back, holding Toms head in her hands. His eyes are moving and we look at eachother. She puts his head right next to my head and we keep looking at eachother. She then spreads her legs and I was wondering, who is she going to choose? 

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