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Herschell Gordon Lewis

Hi everybody!♥

The Godfather of Gore

Herschell Gordon ''The Godfather of gore'' Lewis has been a huge inspiration for me, mostly because he dared to go to places in filmmaking where others would not and he often got critized, but he always kept doing what he liked to. He got the nickname The Godfather of gore because, supposedly he made the first gorefilm ever, Blood Feast, but many argues that he was not the first. If you are a gorehound and really want to see how it all started, check out H.G Lewis work and see how it was then and compare it to today, many of the effects back then are way better and real than today. The best film of H.G Lewis is Two Thousand Maniacs! You might recognize that title, since it got a remake called 2001 Maniacs, starring Robert Englund as Mayor Buckman. 
I think that he has played a huge part in the making of gorefilms and to really show what you can create on a very low budget, even though I can only say that 3-4 of his films have really stuck with me, I am still intrigued by everything that he has created and I think that you should check out some of his work. These are the ones that you should have seen. I am going to get some of his movies for my collection soon!

Blood Feast . Blood Feast 2 . Two Thousand Maniacs. Wizard of gore. Color me blood red . Gruesome Twosome.


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