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The Amazing Spider-man 2

Hi everyone!♥

''The music in this movie felt really wrong''

The Amazing Spider-man 2: Peter Parker realises that he does not want to put Gwen in any danger because of him, but he does not want to lose her either and that creates a tough situation for them, meanwhile a new enemy by the name Electro is terrorizing the city and Spiderman must find a way to defeat Electro. 
I really liked the first Amazing Spiderman movie, but this one was not as good as the first. The music in this movie felt really wrong and did not fit at all and created very strange atmospheres in the some scenes and I was not really sure what to feel. Electro was a really interesting character and he was one of the few things that were good in this movie. They could have cut out some romantic scenes that felt misplaced and they could have cut it a bit shorter, but the ending surprised me in a good way, so that is one plus. 

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