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Love ahead part 1

Where is he? I asked myself. Waiting for Tom to show up has become a habit and this was our last chance to save what we had. Tick, tick, tick, every second the clock drives me insane and this hotelroom feels so lonely and dark. I haven't even turned on any lamp and it is quite dark outside. Tom was the most handsome man I had ever laid my eyes upon, with his dark hair and mysterious scar on his left cheek that he had never told me anything about.

To have me waiting like this has made me furious and Irefuse being treated thisway. He is always late and sometimes he does not even show up and that has led to many arguments and fights, but our love has always seemed to conquer all of the obstacles, but now it has reached a boiling point and this night is our last chance.

I can not sit in this darkness anymore, I can not let it consume me anymore. I get up from my chair and walk over to the nightstand. I turn on the light and I feel a bit better. I walk over to the window to see if my beloved Tom is on his way, but the streets are empty and not one sound is heard. My eyes slowly work their way up to the balcony of the hotelroom across the street.

It looks like a woman is on the balcony, but she has her back turned to me and I can not see clearly. I try to look a bit closer and to focus my attention to her and I can see that she is completely naked. The curve of her back continues down her beautiful rear and it looks like she is holding something in her hands. Her long dark hair looks beautiful against her light skin and the moonlight makes her skin shine even more.

I can not take my eyes of that mysterious woman. She turns around and I can see her breasts and her lovely hard nipples and it turns out that I was right, she is holding something in her hands. My mind is baffled, she is holding a severed head in her hands and she is satisfying herself with it. I feel my penis getting erect and I look closely at the head. It has dark hair and a scar on the left cheek. I get terrified when I realise that she is holding Tom's head in her hands and I gasp for air. She drops the head and looks at me with eyes as dark as coal.  

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Annonser från BloggPartner


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