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Tusk plus afterparty

Hi everyone!
Just got home from the afterparty that Monsters of film festival had. Me, my mom and David went to see the opening film, Tusk by Kevin Smith. I really liked it and was happy to finally watch it. When we arrived we got a goodiebag, with a movie, some booklets and other cool stuff. Me and my mom got two different movies, so that was cool to not get the same one. 
After the movie we went to the afterparty, where we had a few drinks and then it was time for a horrorquiz, me and David won two blurayfilms each and we were superhappy with our Team Polsky! We talked with a friend of mine that we met at the party, which was fun and then we went home. It was a really fun night and now I have 4 more days of horrorfilms to look forward to. 

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