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submission/wrestling at Nexus

Hi everyone! 
I was just at my MMAclub for the clubchampionship in submission/wrestling and Marcus became champion. 
When I got to the club I worked out a bit with kettlebells, which I do everyday before my regular MMA and Muay Thai training, got to get my body into great shape! 
My special work out consists of:
10 kettlebell swings
10 pushups
50 situps
10 armraps with kettlebells
10 squats with kettlebells
And I do as many laps that I can for 10 minutes, I can usually do 5 laps. 

Must have of the day: The fantastic planet Masters of cinema

Hi everyone!

The Fantastic Planet (Masters of cinema edition)

This edition of The fantastic planet is beautiful and I have some of the editions of Masters of cinema and they are really great. This film is fantastic and I can't wait to have it in my collection.


Hi everyone!♥
Yesterday and today I have been working, so did not have any energy for blogging. Today is one of those heavier days and I just want to go do something, but I don't know what. I would like to see Edge of Tomorrow, but did not want to see it by myself (I can see movies in the cinema by myself, but tonight was not one of those times). My shoulder hurts and my body really needs some massage. I think I also need sleep, but I am not tired, even though I have not slept well these nights.

Help my crowdfunding: Love Me

Hi everyone!♥


I have only raised 2 dollars for my indiehorror ''Love Me'' and I would like you to help me get to my goal. All you need is to donate one dollar and if you can not donate, you can share this with others. I really want to reach my goal and create this film, but I can not do it without any money and two dollars will not be enough. You will get rewards for certain donations, so please help me, there is not much time and we need more horrorfilms in Sweden and I can not do it without your help.
Here is the link for the campaign.
If you donate a certain amount of money, this handmade and unique poster will be yours. 

X-men everywhere

Hi everyone! 
Yesterday I saw Maleficent in the cinema. There are so many movies that will be coming out this year that I have to see in the cinema, this weekend I will see a million ways to die in the west. 
I think that the X-men poster's are really cool.

Two new orders

Hi everyone!♥

I have ordered From Beyond and Stitches, both on bluray.


Another lovely day

Hi everyone!


I have been out in the sun all day, eating watermelon and just enjoying the weather. I have bought some drinks for later, because I am going to a party to meet the old gang from high school!!! Yep we used to have crazy parties and tonight might be another one and my sis is going to be there too, going to be awesome. I will put up a review later today before I leave for the party. 

Time to put on my bikini!

Hi everyone!
Today's weather has been so great. I have been in the sun all day, eveb though I have a lot to write. My goal is to finish 30 pages today another 30 by sunday evening and the rest by tuesday. 


Hi everyone!♥

''Today I feel better, even though the coughing is still there''

I have been sick since monday, but I still managed to go to work somehow, coughing all the time and blowing my nose all the time. Today I feel better, even though the coughing is still there, but atleast I can breathe normally. I have just come home from watching the new X-men movie in the cinema (a review will be up in the morning). Now I will be working on one of my old screenplays, because there is a horrorcontest, where you can send in your horrorscreenplay and actually have it made if you win, so naturally I have to enter. I have three fully written screenplays that I will narrow down to one and then I will have to rework it and improve it a lot, but that is what I love to do and there is a deadline ofcourse so I have to be quick and firm, maybe even kill some of my darlings, it is tough, but sometimes you just have to do it like they used to say at filmschool. 

Ask me anything about movies

Hi everyone!♥

Ask me any question about movies and I will answer them in a vlog.


Jack Frost 1997

Hi everyone!♥

''Some kills were creative and the first movie is certainly better than the second''

Jack Frost 1997: A serial killer dies, comes back as an evil snowman, and wreacks havoc in a small town.
I actually saw Jack Frost 2 before Jack Frost and I found the second one funny and was hoping that the first one would be funny aswell. It was funny and had it's good moments, I liked the way that the evil snowman looked and talked and the idea is good. Some kills were creative and the first movie is certainly better than the second one. Jack Frost has some good one-liners and he is pretty funny, but at the same time scary because of his different facial expressions. 

Nights awake

Head is hurting, it's hard to breathe
Everything you say, stays with me
Thoughts are spinning, why won't they leave?
Trying to sleep and get these tears away from me
Be strong, it will be alright
But what will save me from these lonely nights?

Game of thrones

Hi everyone!
I am sitting in the tub watching the latest episode of Game of thrones. 

Sunday evening

Hi everyone!♥
I came home today after spending the weekend with my boyfriend, we went to the cinema and saw Bad Neighbors and then we watched UFC, really good fights! 
After coming home today I have watched a few episodes of Ink Master season 4 and two movies, The Sacrament and Moebius, man Moebius was one fucked up movie!! But fucked up in a good way. Now I will continue watching Ink Master and hope that my stomach will stop hurting. 

drunk talk about horrormovies

Hi everyone!
Yesterday I met my friend Sofia after my boxingtraining. We went to a bar in Upplands Väsby where she lives. She bought drinks for us and we started out by getting a Pink panther and a Whiskey Sour. They tasted great and then we drank cider and ate some snacks, lite fries, chicken, mozarella sticks and other delicious things. 
We talked for hours about horrormovies and I love talking to her about horror, because she gets it, she really gets it. We talked mostly about movies we want to see this year and we agreed that Human Centipede 3 is the one we look forward to the most. We also decided that we are going to get really drunk when we see that movie because the experience will be fucked up! 
Which horrormovies do you look forward to the most this year?
Other films we talked about was Eli Roth's The Green Inferno, Zombeavers, Amongst The Living, REC 4 and occulus, but many more will come up and this year is going to be great for horror.

Thursday, not much better than tuesday

Hi everyone!♥

''Just want to thank everyone who has said kind words to me today''

These last few days have been tough and filled with dissappointment, anger and sadness. Today I cried so much that my head really hurts right now, I haven't cried this much for years and right now my body is shaking (it always does after I cry) Just want to thank everyone who has said kind words to me today and whohave tried to cheer me up this evening. This day was much harder than tuseday and I am just angry and sad, I am so angry that I could break someone's face and I am so sad that I do not want to do anything, but I think I will try to make an omelette or something to eat. I was planning to watch the entire season 3 of Sopranos today, but fuck that, that show is not even that good anyway.

Excited for Godzilla

Hi everyone!
I am really excited or Godzilla, me and my boyfriend will celebrate our 1 year anniversary by going to the cinema, watching Godzilla. GOJIRA!!!!!!
Me and Godzilla, raaaaauwwwwrrrrr

Mean girls

Hi everyone!♥

 ''I liked all the jokes and the characters were presented really well''

Mean Girls: Cady has moved from Africa, where she was homeschooled and now she is starting high school. She meets new friends and together they form a plan to tear down the popular group of girls in school, called The Plastics, but the more time Cady spends with the Plastics, she seems to become one of them...
The tenth anniversery for Mean Girls was a week ago and I re-watched the movie with some friends while drinking and we had a blast. I have always been surprised of the fact that I have always liked Mean Girls. I find it very funny, I like how it is told and Lindsay Lohan was perfect as Cady. I liked all the jokes and the characters were presented really well. I also like how they edited the movie, because it seems like there is noting unnecessary in it and every second in the movie matters.


Hi everyone!♥

New adventures outside!

It is getting warm in Sweden and I have been outside a lot more than before. Usually i have stayed indoors mostly even in the summer, just because I would rather watch movies or something like that, but this year I have decided and I have already begun to be more outside. I want to get as much sun as possible and to go on adventures outside, go on long walks, lay out in the sun, be out in the grass and have a few drinks and ofcourse go bathing (which I never do). I have bought a new camera so I will be taking pictures of my adventures outside and share them on my blog. I know that I mostly write about movies, but this is also a blog about my life so I hope that you will like to see my adventures. Do not worry I still have plenty of movies to review and write about! Here are some new pictures I took with my camera and yes I have red hair now.

Filming my scene tomorrow

Hi everyone!♥
I am going to be an extra in a Swedish movie that will be shown in the cinemas later this year, can you guess which movie? The shooting of my scene will be tomorrow and I am so excited. Earlier this week I got this cute fella! 

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