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Hi everyone!♥

''Today I feel better, even though the coughing is still there''

I have been sick since monday, but I still managed to go to work somehow, coughing all the time and blowing my nose all the time. Today I feel better, even though the coughing is still there, but atleast I can breathe normally. I have just come home from watching the new X-men movie in the cinema (a review will be up in the morning). Now I will be working on one of my old screenplays, because there is a horrorcontest, where you can send in your horrorscreenplay and actually have it made if you win, so naturally I have to enter. I have three fully written screenplays that I will narrow down to one and then I will have to rework it and improve it a lot, but that is what I love to do and there is a deadline ofcourse so I have to be quick and firm, maybe even kill some of my darlings, it is tough, but sometimes you just have to do it like they used to say at filmschool. 

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