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Hi everyone!♥

New adventures outside!

It is getting warm in Sweden and I have been outside a lot more than before. Usually i have stayed indoors mostly even in the summer, just because I would rather watch movies or something like that, but this year I have decided and I have already begun to be more outside. I want to get as much sun as possible and to go on adventures outside, go on long walks, lay out in the sun, be out in the grass and have a few drinks and ofcourse go bathing (which I never do). I have bought a new camera so I will be taking pictures of my adventures outside and share them on my blog. I know that I mostly write about movies, but this is also a blog about my life so I hope that you will like to see my adventures. Do not worry I still have plenty of movies to review and write about! Here are some new pictures I took with my camera and yes I have red hair now.

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