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Movies that have disturbed me part 1

Hi everyone!♥
I have seen so many horror movies and only a few movies have truly gotten in under my skin in the horror genre. We all find different things disturbing and what might distubr me, might not disturb someone else, so this is my personal list and if you don't agree, I will understand that, here we go. 
1. Halloween 1978. I was six years old when I first saw Halloween and everything about that movie was creepy and it sparked my passion for horror. Michael Myers mask creeped me out and the music is still spooky today, the way that Michael Myers seems to not feel anything underneath the mask is one of the things that creeps me out about him. Thank you John Carpenter for introduing me to the wonderful world of horror movies. 
 2. Salo, 120 days of Sodom. When I first got this movie on dvd, I watched it five times in a week, yes you read that right, five times and it made me feel all empty inside. A bunch of young females and males get kidnapped by four fascists and are subjected to different kinds of tortures. Pasolini is one of my favorite directors and he was not afraid of taking on difficult subjects and Salo is one hell of a ride and the book is even more disturbing. 
3. Sinister. You might be thinking, What is Sinister doing here? and I just rewatched it this weekend and that is one hell of a creepy movie, as I said we find different things disturbing and the contrast between his familylife and the videotapes he finds of the murders is what is disturbing. Those videotapes show a grim reality and how disturbing and ugly death is and it freaked me out, mostly because the victims knew what was coming, but could not do anything about it and that Mr.Boogie was also kind of creepy, atleast until you saw a bit too much of him. 

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