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 ''I am actually glad that they kept the rape so short and focused more on the revenge''

Savaged: Zoe is a deaf girl who is driving many hours to her boyfriend, whom she is planning to move in with. On the way she meets a few rednecks and her nightmare begins, she is raped, beaten and killed. An indian finds her and brings her back by putting an apache warrior's spirit in her body and now she can take her revenge.
When I read what Savaged was about I got the feeling that this could be a different movie in a rape/revenge genre and it was. Even though it works with the basics of this subgenre, it adds a new spin on it and makes it work really well, the new spin I am talking about is having the girl die and then bring her back by having an apache warriors spirit enter her body. I am actually glad that they kept the rape so short and focused more on the revenge and the revenge scenes were great. In one scene the girl has a tug of war with the intestines of her abuser and that worked so well. 
The fact that the girl was deaf added a bit more feeling into her character and I cared about her. One scene made me shed a tear and I could not believe how powerful this film is. If you like indiehorror, you will like this one and I can not wait until I will have it in my collection. 

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