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Sarahs top 5: Slasher

Hi everyone!♥

Here is my top 5 list of my favorite slasherfilms. 

5. A nightmare on Elm Street - Nightmares become reality when you are dreaming about Freddy. The concept works well when we follow teenagers doing everything they can to avoid going to sleep.
4. Psycho - The story is amazing and filmed well. The editing of this movie was clever and the shower scene is still one of the best scenes ever made in a slasher film.
3. Hatchet - Yes even newer slashers can work perfect and they added a lot of gore in this one and the story of Victor Crowley is really good.
2. Friday the 13th 1980 - The environment is perfect in this movie and the summercamp feeling adds a lot of mood. A slasher that still stands out and Jason is born.
1. Halloween 1978 - This is a masterpiece of how to use music, acting, angels and lighting to create one of the sscariest horrormovies of all time, without relaying on blood. 

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