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I don't know

Hi everyone!
Yesterday I was so happy and today I am so sad. I feels like I have a knot in my stomach and I do not feel like doing anything. Been crying some (yes I am finally ready to admit that I cry sometimes) and I am just trying not to think too much, but that does not work since I am feeling so down and my heart is hurting (yep feels like that). Can not breathe sometimes, but right now I am laying on my bed trying to decide if I want to go to the cinema or not, I do not even feel like going to the cinema and when I feel like that then something is wrong.  
It is so strange that I can write about my feelings so freely, but uttering them in words are so hard, maybe because I sometimes feel stupied that I am feeling something and it sounds even more stupied when I try to speak about it. Trying to fix everything, but it always seems to go wrong, something messes everything up, but first I must calm down and start to breathe normally before I fucking pass out.

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