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Back in training

Hi everyone!♥

Training is going great

It has now been one week since began training again after I took some time off to rehab my left knee. On friday I began with boxing and it felt good. On monday it was MMA and sparring for 1 hour and 20 minutes. On tuesday it was Muay Thai and I was so tired, because I worked really hard, but it felt great an today was another Muay Thai training and it was a tough one too. I have to work a lot on my conditioning, but my body is beginning to go bck to how it was before I took my break and that feels awesome, because it will make weight-cutting so much easier when I will not have so many pounds to cut. I am aiming to cut around 5-7 pounds at first for my amateur-MMA fights and then maybe 10 pounds when I will have my profights.
The bruises have come back and my legs look so beautiful and I forgot about all the clothes I have to wash every day, but it is worth it. This fall I will apply for every Amateur-MMA contest and I will get some fight at 115pounds, I HAVE TOO!!! So this fall is 120% training and no excuses, I might say that I am tired and I probably will, but I will not give up. 

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Postat av: Stamp-E


2014-05-16 @ 09:41:39

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