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Sci-fi convention 2014 Stockholm

Hi everyone!♥

I had an awesome time at the Sci-fi convention in Stockholm 2014

The Sci-fi convention in Stockholm was this saturday and I did not have much time to spend there unfortunately, but I found some movies, had my Poison Ivy costume on and met some friends. My wonderful friend Isabella took som pictures and she also worked at the SubDvd stall and she was dressed as Babydoll and she looked absolutely gorgeous. 
Thanks to Isabella for these awesome pictures!
I found 8 new movies to my collection, if I had had more time, I would have bought a few more, but I had to go home to eat and then go to Superior Challenge 11, so a lot of things happened this day. The 8 new movies were Squirm on Arrow bluray, Open Windows on bluray, Våtmarker on bluray, Thunderbolt, 

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