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My weekend at Alingsås

Hi everyone!♡
I had an awesome weekend in Alingsås at a horrorfestival that showed horrormovies and sold lots of movies. The best part of it was that I got to spend it with Jasmine! 
This was the movie theatre that showed the movies and that we lived in.
The director Jonas Wolcher introduced his movie Cannibal Fog before the screening.
The two movies that were shown on friday, a short film Harvest and the feature film Cannibal Fog.
The movies that were shown on saturday were:
♤ Yor - Hunter from the future
♤ The Cynic, The Rat and the Fist
♤ Zombie Holocaust
♤ House on the edge of the Park
♤ Four flies on grey velvet
Love of my life ♡
I bought 16 movies and 1 season of a series. I found so many great movies and some that I had not watched yet, so I was very pleased with what I found.
Awesome new friends that I met. Me and Jasmine will definitely be back for the next one! Thanks everyone! ♡

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