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Monsters of film festival - My thoughts

Hi everyone!♥

''I really felt that this is my world and that I belong here.''

These last five days have been some of the best ones this year by far. Stockholm had a film festival called Monsters of film festival which focused on horror and sci-fi. This was my second year attending this festival and I did not expect to have this much fun, I did not even know that it was possible to feel this good by just watching horrormovies among other horrorlovers. I knew that I wanted to watch as many movies as I could, so I had saved up some money for it and I ended up buying tickets for 14 films, I wanted to see more, but some movies were playing the same time, so I will have to see them some other time. 
The first film that opened the festival was Tusk by Kevin Smith. I took my mom and my friend David to see it and when we entered, we were given goodiebags by SubDvd which contained a movie, buttons, booklets and other cool stuff. I had my big bag of popcorn and was ready to begin this festival by watching Tusk. After Tusk we all went to a party for the festivalfolks and I bought some ciders to drink and later on there was a horrorquiz, in which me, David and my mom won second place. We were awarded with 4 actionfilms on bluray, so this evening was great and I felt that the people behind the festival did an amazing job by organising this the way it was supposed to be. The next few days were filled with really high quality movies, great friends, awesome buys for my collection and I met some new people that seem really nice and genuine, I really felt that this is my world and that I belong here.
Highlights of the festival films
The best movies for me were, Tusk, Der Samurai, Miss Zombie, The Scribbler and What we do in the shadows. I highly recommend you to see them as soon as possible, because they all bring something different to the genre and puts their own spin on it. New horror can be really good and these films showed me why. I can not say that there where many bad films, because the picks for this year's festival was great, nearly every movie made me interested and entertained. Strange Colour of your body's tears was a bit too confusing for me and even though I love Giallo films, that one did not speak to me as it should have, but is was still beautiful for the eyes and ears. 
I attended a workshop which you could and I learned how to make bodyparts from silicone and how to properly make wounds and what materials are best, so me and my mom are going to make some awesome props for upcoming horrorprojects, because it was a lot of fun. The last film of the festival was What we do in the shadows and the festival provided beer and chips for us, so that was really nice. I could have gone to an afterparty, but I was really tired and just wanted to go home, relax, watch another movie on sfanytime and just think about what a success this festival was. The theathers were packed with people and many movies were sold out, so there is a huge interest in Sweden about horrormovies and that gives me great hope for the future. I felt that this festival was arranged by people that love this genre and want us to be able to view the films that they love. I felt the warmth and love everyday of this festival. 

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Postat av: Stamp-E

härligt att läsa om saker som fick dig att må bra :) du förtjänar det!

2014-10-13 @ 08:59:25

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