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Obietnica (The Word)

Hi everyone!♥

''The story was good, but there were many questions left unanswered''

Obietnica (The Word): Lila and Janek are a couple struggling with their relationship because Lila saw Janek kissing another girl. Janek is willing to do anything to get Lila to forgive him and she has something in her mind, but will Janek go through with it?
 A Polish movie with a strong message about how obsession and love can lead you to do stupid things. The story was good, but there were many questions left unanswered that I wished were explained a bit more and I felt something missing when the end credits started rolling. Love will make you do crazy things and this movie shows it and I wish that Lila's character and thought were presented more, because I wanted to get to know her even more and to know what was going on inside her head throughout everything. 

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Postat av: Linn

Tack för din kommentar. Jag kommer besvara den så fort jag kan!
Ha en bra Söndag!
Linn :)

2014-11-09 @ 13:47:07

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