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Love Me - some info

Hi everyone!♥

''Patrik feels alot of shame and doesn't dare turning to the police for help''

I have been working on the screenplay for Love Me for many years. It is about Patrik, who is a young cineast that works in a videostore, while studying film. He likes working in the videostore and is pretty happy with his life. He has a secret crush on a girl that often comes to rent movies that Patrik recommends and they talk alot. But his crush is not the only one who visits him at the store, he is also bullied by some men and women and one day everything goes out of control and Patrik is raped, beaten and left for dead in the woods. Patrik feels alot of shame and doesn't dare turning to the police for help and tries to deal with the situation in his own way.
This project is a dreamproject of mine, I have always wanted to be able to film this and to bring my own take on the Rape/Revenge genre. I am hoping to be able to complete this feature film within a year and bring an intense horrorfilm for the fans. Love Me will be filmed in Sweden 2014, but you can already start help funding the film right now. You can go to to help donate and share this project and news. A facebook page will also come up with pic and news. You can follow me on twitter, Placebohoe. If you have any questions about Love Me please feel free to ask them here or on twitter.

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