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Specialutgåva: Saló, 120 dagar av Sodom

Hej alla läsare!

Nu visar jag min utgåva utav Saló, 120 dagar av Sodom på blu-ray

Denna utgåva innehåller:
High-definition features:
* Italian-language version
* English-language version
* 'Ostia- The Death of Pasolini' by Coil: the band's 1986 track with new video accompaniment shot especially for this release.
* Original Italian trailer

Standard-definition features
* Open your eyes! (2008, 21 mins) on-set documentary
* Walking with Pasolini (2008, 21 mins): documentary featuring Neil Bartlett, David Forgacs, Noam Chomsky and Craig Lapper
* Whoever Says the Truth Shall Die (1981, 58 mins): The classic documentary on the life and death of pasolini
* Fade to black (2001, 24 mins): a documentary exploring the ongoing relevance and power of Pasolini's masterpiece
* Ostia (1987, 26 mins): a short film about Pasolini starring Derek Jarman, with optional director's commentary
52-page booklet with new introduction by Sam Rohdie, Gideon Bachmann's on-set diaries, reviews, BBCF correspondence, stills and on-set photographs

300 x 250  uggs FB
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Postat av: Siri


2012-04-01 @ 19:17:37
Postat av: Stamp-E

its a sick fucking movie.... men va fan, man måste ju ha sett den hehe...

2012-04-02 @ 08:53:36

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